Read These 4 Tips Before Insulating Your Roof

We’re all trying to be more eco-friendly and saving money on your energy bills is a big bonus, which is why you should improve insulation in your home.

You lose a lot of heat through the roof and if it’s not well insulated, you’re just throwing money away for no good reason. But if you upgrade your roof insulation, your energy bills will drop overnight and your home will be nice and warm.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes with their roof insulation so they don’t make the savings that they should. If you need to insulate your roof, here are a few tips to help you out.

Tips Before Insulating Your Roof

Consider Changing Your Roof

It might not be the most eco-friendly solution, but you can save a lot of money on your insulation if you switch your roofing.

The majority of heat loss from a home is through the roof and switching to an insulating material will make a huge difference. Look into options like metal roof installation instead of going with a traditional tile.

Metal roofing is more durable and it’s better insulated, so you’re starting with a good base to work from. This can be a more expensive option, but if you are willing to invest, it will make a big difference. 

Choose The Right Insulation Materials

You want to make sure that you’re using the right materials and choosing insulation wisely.

You need to look at how much insulation you actually need, as well as the cost, before you make a final decision on what type of roof insulation to buy.

Remembering your climate will help you choose too; some materials are better for warmer climates while others work best in colder areas.

It’s also worth considering which material is more eco-friendly or recyclable if it comes down to a choice between two comparable products.

Common insulation materials include, mineral wool, fiberglass, polyester batts, and polystyrene. Do some research and make sure that you use the best material for the job.

You also need to consider the cost because, even though insulation is cheaper than you think, it’s still a cost you need to cover. 

Don’t Over-Pack Insulation

People often think that more insulation means a warmer home but that isn’t necessarily the case. If you put too much insulation in, you end up over-packing and squashing the insulation at the bottom.

This bottom layer will then be less effective at insulating and you won’t get the overall effect that you are looking for. So, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and only use as much as they recommend. 

Maintain Air Flow To Avoid Damp

Make sure that you don’t block off your roof ventilation. You need to allow airflow through the attic or you will end up with condensation, damp and mold, which is dangerous for both the environment and your health.

Good roof ventilation can also help reduce energy bills so it’s important to look after your roofing properly. Avoid packing too much insulation in and make sure that there is still airflow into the rest of the home. 

As long as you follow these important tips when insulating your roof, you will save yourself a lot of money. 

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