8 Signs Your Blogging Is Going Better Than You Think

Building your blogging business can take some time. This business does not provide any instant gratifications and any successes you’ll (eventually) see will take some time to manifest.

However, I find that people tend to fail at seeing the progress they have made and that is when most are likely to call it a day and quit.

Today I would like to discuss these 8 signs that your blogging is going better than you think.

If you’ve experienced or achieved any one of these points mentioned below, then you’re definitely on the right track.

Just keep moving forward and continue doing what you’re doing. (If you’re stuck at something, just drop me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you move forward).

Your Blog Is LIVE!

Most people never get past this stage because they think it’s way too complicated to get a blog up and running.

If your blog is online, then congrats to you; you’ve just took a major step in starting your business. You now own a “piece of the internet“.

If you’re one of the many people that would like to start a blog but is afraid of not being too tech savvy don’t fret; my guide on how to start a blog with WordPress will show you how you can get a blog up and running in just over 1 minute without having to do any coding.

You’re Publishing Content Regularly

If you’re publishing content on a consistent basis then you must be taking this blogging thing seriously. Congratulations; I’m proud of you.

Consistency is the key to success and as long as you keep going, you will get there. Here’s a quick video from a guy that I truly admire (Gary Vaynerchuk) that speaks about how consistency creates success.

If this video doesn’t inspire you to do more, I don’t know what will:

People Are Reading Your Content

I know it sucks to publish content and have nobody read it for weeks and months. I’ve been there; all bloggers have.

In the beginning the work you’re producing will seem insignificant and unfortunately that’s when most people give up.

People who give up fail to realize that the work they put in now will be the foundation for a solid business 6/12 months down the line.

If you’re getting readers (even if it’s just one a day), that is a whole lot more than 0… trust me; you should be proud.

You have so far endured the feelings of frustration that come with having nobody visit your blog. That “one visitor” will be the foundation for 100s later on if you just keep working at it.

Comments Have Started To Come In

If comments have started to come in on a regular basis, it means that you are reaching the 20+ visitors a day and that is great news.

You are really getting somewhere now and hopefully you’re starting to realize that your work wasn’t all just a waste of time.

Comments coming in means that the readers are finding your articles entertaining, informative and engaging.

Also, comments help build up your SEO as it shows that the piece of content is gaining interest. Be sure to answer all your comments and start as much dialogue as possible with your readers.

You Made $0.87c

Making money online is not easy and most never get to make a cent online. If you’ve made ANY amount of money with your blog, then you now realise that this is infact possible and you can make it happen.

It could be some cents on Adsense, a tiny commission from Amazon or maybe you sold a product that you recommended and you’ve received commissions in your account.

This is great!

My first sale was an Amazon commission of $0.87c and I was so damn happy to finally “crack it”. I still have a screenshot of it on my wall in my office as a gentle reminder.

Those $0.87c didn’t make me rich (obviously) but it showed me that what I want to do can be done and in due time, results for my efforts will be had.

There’s nothing that fills you up with hope and excitement more than your first sale!

If you’ve made earned your first earnings already, Congratulations. If not… hold on tight: it’s just around the corner trust me.

READ: Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing.

People Want To Collaborate With You

When your blog start getting rankings and readers, you’re officially “on the map” and other people / bloggers / product creators will start to reach out to you to collaborate.

You may be asked to exchange blog posts, review a product somebody created or even people willing to send you free stuff (yes it happens more than you think).

These are all signs that your blog is becoming known and the world wide web is starting to paying attention to you.

You don’t have to have thousands of readers to start getting people that want to collaborate with you but when they do, you can rest assured you’re doing something right. Keep doing it!

Each Month Is Better Than The Last

Ok so you’ve been grinding for 3 months now and you think nothing significant is happening but then you hop onto Google Analytics and you see that the traffic graph is growing month after month.

This is a great sign that your blogging is going better than you think.

If every month is better than the last then you’re definitely heading in the right direction.

But don’t be alarmed if one month you do worse than the month before, this happens, it’s ok. Don’t panic.

I’ve had months where I lost rankings, lost revenue and lost readers – it’s part of the business. Just keep pushing forward and you will be back better than ever in no time.

You’re Enjoying It

I‘m going to save the best for last here;

The most important thing that I would like to stress is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing.

If you hate writing, you hate your blog topic or you’re just fed up with it all, then it must be time for you to either start fresh or just walk away from the this whole blogging thing.

But if you’re enjoying it, and your happiness is not connected to the successes you’re (not) getting, then you are doing an amazing job.

Most people get into blogging just “to make money”, which is a mistake.

As you’ve probably realised by now; it will take some time to start seeing some significant income so if you’re not enjoying the process till it happens, then you’re on the losing end of the game.

If you’re having fun with it then you’re in the best position you can be. If you’re happy blogging, then the time it will take you to reach success will not be frustrating to you and that is just wonderful.

Keep enjoying yourself, keep working hard and finally one day you will realise just how far you’ve come and how blogging can changed your life for the better.

So there you go! Have you had one of these experiences yet?

If not please don’t get disheartened. Everybody started from point 0 and the ones that are willing to work as long as it takes will eventually make it.

I’m sure about that.

If you haven’t even started your blog yet, then maybe NOW is the time to do so?

You can find a lot of material here on how to start your blog business and I would be more than happy to help you along the way once you do.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep learning and keep earning.

8 Signs Your Blogging Is Going Better Than You Think

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