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Hi I’m Chris Lee. Founder of www.aBlogOnBlogging.com.

First off I’d like to say that blogging is very, very dear to me; it helps me open up my thoughts, share ideas and it also helps me connect with other people I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.

Fortunately enough, through hard work, persistence and maybe some luck (but I don’t think so); I have also managed to turn blogging into a full time income stream and wake up to days like this.

I used to work in a sort-of lucrative family business but I totally despised it. Knowing how to monetise my ideas online and turning that into a profit allowed me to rid myself of that situation.

How could I not love blogging huh?

I really hate the 9-5 grind, despise it really, and I’m sure a whole lot of people reading this hate it too.

I can do a 15 hour blogging grind no problem but those 8 hours I spent at my job seemed like an eternity in hell, even if it was with my family.

Through this blog, which would be my third one that I’m starting (btw you only need one blog to make a profit) I hope that I could be able to teach others how to turn a blog into a business.

Learning Blogging Together

Through this blog I’m going to be sharing what I already know and what I continue to discover along the way to hopefully get you rid of your 9-2-5. I really do suggest you bookmark this blog (or else subscribe to my email list so we you’ll get all the major updates)!

Through my short blogging career, I also did a LOT of mistakes that have led to utter failures, they hurt deep down but it’s a learning curve that I had to go through. THe aim of this blog is to help you get started without repeating my mistakes.

I do know one thing though; there is more than one way to (blogging) success and I would like to invite you to discover them with me.

You might have heard that “earning money online” is a BIG SCAM, and it’s true, sometimes it is.

For every good business opportunity, there are a 10o0s of scams out there but I give you my word that I will not let you fall for any of the junk that is out there.

If you want to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, where I have learned to finally make money with blogging, you can find me here. <- Link to my profile on WA.

What I would like to say to you right now is; welcome and thanks for visiting. I really do hope you find my content informative and useful (you can start here).

I look forward to helping you in your blogging journey.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck!

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Chris Marcial here, been reading your blog for quite awhile and just now I tried to sign up at WA a free account to try and it tells me that I already have an account but upon signing in it also tells me I did not signed up yet ..can you help me with this?


    • Were you a member before though? My suggestion would be to use a new email to join. If you are using Gmail, you can a a “.” to your email and it would count as a new email and you will receive emails in your original inbox.

      For example, if your gmail is, mygmail@gmail.com, you can do my.gmail@gmail.com and it will still work.

      Try this method with WA and see how that goes. Feel free to get in touch if you are still having problems.

  2. Hi Chris I just joined WA, how do I find you inside? Ive read alot of blogs and most of yours, thank you for your insights!

  3. It’s much inspired though. I have started my blog few months ago and working with all my ways to make a free life. I really don’t like 9 to 5 job. hope to get idle information from you.

    • Nobody likes the 9-5 lol. Yes, send me a private email so we can discuss further your possibilities.

  4. Hi,
    Just ready your message on Guest Blogging. Do I look for websites that have content similar to what I am blogging about? I guess I am not familiar in the blogging language.- Engagement of the website audience? How do I find that out- by comments? CTA- please explain more.

    • Hey there Susan. Ideally yes; you find other blogs in your niche to guest blog on but there are exceptions which make sense.

      For instance; if you blog about “dessert recipes”, you can easily guest post on a “vegan blog” and talk about some of your recipes that fit that audience.

      And as for engagement, yes it helps if the blog you want to post on has a bit of engagement on their social accounts or on the blog posts. it just shows that it has an audience and you will be leveraging those readers for your blog.

      Hope this helps and thank you for your comment.

      Chris Lee

  5. Hi, Chris! Do you want to be my mentor? I am a senior with a world of experience, except in blogging! I already opened a domain, but have no idea how to continue.
    I tried to subscribe to your WA, but I’m told that my e-mail is already registered. Followed instructions for ‘forgot password’ and nothing was received in my e-mail about my password.
    Please help me. I’m eager to start blogging, but I’m stuck. Please help me!

    • I’ll be more than happy to be your mentor haha 🙂 I’ve just sent you an email now. Let me know when you get it! 🙂

  6. I love the way you have reviewed wordpress and rubix You erite very well. Your style is super and cool. I shall be at your feet and learn ftom your experitise and experiences. Keep this good work up.

    • Awesome! I see you have joined WA and SiteRubix. Good choice ! Let me know what you think of both services. I’d love to get your mini-review here below. Also, let me know if you ever need help. Obviously you can find me on WA.

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