3 Affordable Ways to Secure Your Home & Protect it From Intruders

Did you know that almost 3.7 million homes are burgled every year? The frightening thing about this is that about 28 percent of these homes are broken into when they’re occupied –people are at home– leading to the victimization of a household member in 7 percent of all cases. 

The worrying thing about burglaries isn’t just that people are robbed of their valuables, it’s that they are also robbed of their sense of security. The latter is worse because if you can’t feel safe in your own home, where else can you feel safe? 

This is why you need to take all preventive measures to secure your property. The tips in this blog post will help you do just that. 

secure your home

Light Up Your Yard

Make sure that your property’s exterior is well-lit. Invest in motion-sensing floodlights that are triggered when strangers step foot on your property. 

Put this in various parts of the home’s exterior –particularly areas that are prone to darkness or hidden away from public view. If you’ll be away from home for a while, install automatic lights that turn on and off at various intervals. 

Some experts recommend leaving a vehicle in your driveway if you can. These actions make it look like there are people in the house.

Install Security Cameras

According to The Zebra, almost 47 percent of homes have no security system. Does your home have a security system installed? If it doesn’t, now is the time to get one. Thankfully, there are effective home security systems available for all budgets. 

Home security systems are important because properties without any security are three times more likely to be broken into than those with some form of security. 

This is because burglars and thieves tend to look for signs of a home security system –even if it’s just a Ring doorbell or an alarm system– before attempting to break into any property. 

Install High-Grade Locks

Many people tend to leave a key under the foot mat, a rock, flower pot, or some hidden but easy-to-reach place. Burglars know this and are likely to capitalize on that knowledge. 

If they’re in a hurry, they can take the key, make a duplicate copy, return the original one, and come back to rob the house at their convenience. The best way to prevent this is to NOT leave your keys where they can be easily found. 

The second best option is to install high-grade locks with multilock keys –preferably keys that require an authorization card or passcode. Multilock key duplication is impossible without the authorization magnetic strip card. 

This way, even when a burglar takes the key to duplicate it, it’ll be useless because they’ll need to provide the locksmith with the card before duplication. 


If you’ve spent considerable sums making your home beautiful, it’s important to keep that home safe. Apart from the tips above, make sure to always secure your doors and windows when you’re not at home. 

And even when you are, just make sure that unauthorized entries are limited. Also, remember to get rid of dark or hiding spots in and around your home. Trim the hedges and bushes around the home so you can see clearly. 

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