How Can You Secretly Embrace Your Rebellious Side?

People have all kinds of styles both in their personal lives and their careers. However, there are still environments where dressing anything other than conservatively might not be the best idea.

If you work somewhere that requires you to follow a strict dress code, or you simply want to make sure you have a more mature and professional look, you might want to avoid having an openly alternative style.

But that doesn’t mean that you want to completely get rid of your personality. Fortunately, there are ways you can balance the two, and even secretly harbor a less conservative style.

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Choose Alternative Underwear and Accessories

You can guarantee in most places that no one is going to see what you wear underneath your outer clothes. Your underwear and even your socks are not going to be things that people see or notice, just as long as they can’t spot the outline.

If you always feel like you’re suffocating a bit in a suit, wearing underwear that you’re more comfortable with or even a fun pair of socks can help you to feel more like yourself.

You can choose underwear and accessories that make you feel good, without them having to be seen by other people.

Wear Clothes with Cool Linings

Another way to secretly hide some of your personality away while you’re at work or elsewhere is to choose clothes with cool linings.

You might be wearing a plain suit jacket on the outside, but the inside of your jacket could be bright and colorful.

This could be something that you can find for yourself from various brands or designers. However, it could also be something that you have custom-made if there’s anything in particular that you would like to have on the lining of your clothes.

However, if it’s an item that you ever take off, like a jacket, be sure the lining is something that you don’t mind others seeing.

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Have Jewelry Under Your Clothes

You could also wear your jewelry underneath your clothes.

Not all jewelry is necessarily suitable for wearing at work, but it could help you to feel connected to your true style and personality if you wear it under your clothes instead.

This could also be an option in workplaces where having jewelry outside of your clothes could be a safety issue, perhaps relating to it getting caught in machinery. Or maybe you want to hide jewelry that’s important to you, but might not be appropriate for work.

Get a Hidden Piercing

Speaking of jewelry, another type of jewelry to consider is piercings. A hidden piercing could be something that’s much more on show when you’re not at work, but easy to cover up when you are working.

There are several types of oral piercing that aren’t particularly easy to spot, such as frenulum piercings. You can learn more about these piercings from Urban Body Jewelry.

There are also other types of body piercing that you can easily conceal under your clothes or even some earrings or other piercings that could be covered by your hair.

Get a Hidden Tattoo

Tattoos are easily hidden under your clothes too. Some professions have long been accepting of tattoos, while other industries have had more conservative attitudes. However, times have changed, and you’re most likely not to get much attention because you have tattoos.

It’s still often best to cover them at work, though. So if you’re thinking of getting any new tattoos, consider whether you can hide them under your clothes or if they would still be visible when you’re fully dressed.

Think of times when you might be wearing fewer clothes too, such as when it’s warm.

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Have a Flexible Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can also be a way to express your personality and show your rebellious side. However, you might not want to choose something particularly radical for work.

If you want something that offers the best of both worlds, you could have a haircut that you can style in different ways. For example, an undercut could give you an alternative look, but it’s also possible to make it look a bit more tame if necessary.

Before having your hair cut or colored, think about how you want to be able to style it in different environments. There might be occasions when you want to keep it simple and others when you want to do something wild.

If you have to keep your look toned down for work, there are still ways you can have fun without anyone else really knowing.

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