How To Create Your Own Marketing Funnel

Successful bloggers can afford to live a trendy life; they can travel, explore and play with words and still earn enough money to pay the bills thanks to a revolutionary system – sales funnels!

In case you are wondering what this is about, read the article and you will find out all there is to know on the subject.

Firstly, it is important to know and understand what a funnel is. You might have noticed that every business has a way to make customers follow their activity and purchase something after becoming aware of their existence.

This happens when, for example, you are invited to visit a website, check the company’s products and buy something.

”Funneling” makes selling easier for you by enlarging your range of customers and turning them into regular users of your services.

In other words, when you are selling something, you can increase your number of customers by guiding people towards your product, ”helping” them make the purchase and determining them to keep coming back.

how to create your own funnell

How Can A Blogger Benefit From a Funnel?

Just by promoting and selling a product or service on your blog it means that you have started to set up your own funnel. If your current shopping-related activity is supported only by organic odds, you should know that you will get much better results if you think about actually designing a marketing funnel.

You can become a funnel yourself by talking to people, getting in touch at networking events, presenting your products and their benefits to leads, in order to find enough people that are qualified buyers and can turn into your customers.

A system like Five Funnel is a good help, because it can increase your sells without requiring your direct interaction. Once it is set up, it guides potential customers towards the products promoted by you.

Most bloggers prefer automatic funnels, like advertising campaigns that help them find leads. After they know people who can make decisions, freelancers start sending them emails and trying to persuade them to buy their products.

This way is more efficient even if you sell expensive services, because you can automate both the lead generation and the way you inform people about your product.

Create your own funnel by performing some simple operations:

When you have decided to set up a funnel, the first step is to find the answer to some simple questions. If you have the whole picture in mind and take every aspect into consideration, your initiative will be successful in no time.

It’s not easy to find customers, so the first thing you have to think about is simple ways that facilitate your encounter with them. After they hear about you and see you for the first time, how do you arise their interest and show them why you are special?

With creativity and by using some funnel marketing tips will help you find the right ways to reach to your target audience.

Also, don’t forget that a strong relationship with your customers contributes to your success, so the next step is to start developing this side of your business.

A good start strategy means finding the right communication channels and sharing all the necessary information with your actual or potential customers (present your product, tell them more about it, do your best to persuade them to purchase it).

Once you start thinking about all the aspects mentioned above, it might seem difficult to create your own marketing funnel. However, you shouldn’t worry, because the process is quite simple.

There are many ways to set up a funnel for your blog, but you can get it easy and fast by completing these phases:

1. Traffic Generation

There are many ways to generate traffic and if you already have a blog, things become a lot easier. When people already know you, they are more open to trying the products you promote.

You can generate traffic in many ways: by guest blogging, social media marketing, Facebook advertising (which seems to be one of the most popular methods because the gigantic social communication platform has some awesome tools for targeting audience) and more. You will keep your community together and continuously grow it if you always remain in contact with its members.

2. A suggestive landing page

You can direct your guests towards a dedicated landing page with a single offer (for example, a downloadable material or mini e-course). The purpose of doing this is to offer your viewers goal something for free, gain their trust and make them sign up in your list of contacts.

In this case, the title has to be as suggestive as the rest of the text written on the page, because it is the first thing your visitors will notice. If this part captures their attention, they will want to read more, if not, they won’t even bother to open the page.
If you use this advantage right, you will impress your visitors, so they will be willing to keep in contact in touch and find out more information about your offers.

3. E-mail Opt-In

You’ll need an e-mail marketing service (like Convertkit, Mailchimp or Aweber) to set up a successful automatic funnel on your blog. This will help you develop a relationship with leads that can bring you new customers, support your data collection and organization process and facilitate communication;

4. E-mail sequence

If a customer becomes a contact from your list, he or she will automatically receive several e-mails with the sole purpose of presenting your message and introducing your product. If you add a special offer, you can persuade your contacts to become customers. However, don’t insist if you notice that they are not interested unless you want to become annoying and lose them for good.

5. Sale

This is the result you will get if you follow the steps mentioned before – your sells will grow in no time. Then you will know that your marketing funnel is working.

A live chat software stack will solve your communication problems

Good communication is the key to success in every business. You will find that it’s very useful to keep in contact with them, answer all their questions concerning your product and solve as many issues as possible.

A live cat software stack is everything you need for developing an interactive community of happy customers. If you work with some creative friends that help you grow your blog with their interesting posts, the tool can improve the communication inside your team as well.

The funnel structure has to suit the type of product you are selling

You will get the best results if you build your selling funnel according to the product you are selling. Low-priced products can be sold better on simple, short funnels, whereas expensive products require longer and more complex funnels.

According to professional bloggers, we can categorize products into 5 types:

1. Physical products which have a low price
2. Physical products that feature a high price
3. Digital products that can be purchased at a low price (for example, an intro course or e-book)
4. There are also digital products with a high price (a premium course is a good example)
5. Last, but not least, high-priced services or coaching.

If you decide to design your own marketing funnel, learn more on the subject, start practising and earn more money by selling things on your blog!

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