How To Get Your Blog Reviews Shared

Every blogger wants their blog reviews to be shared and their name spread throughout the internet.

So many large influencers that have an amazing social media presence began with just blogging and now, they are huge because they were able to master or have someone master SEO marketing, making great video reviews and also, reply to comments from their fans.

It might not seem all that easy because making great reviews itself is the first hurdle. Getting people to share them is another job entirely. It’s not an uphill battle if you do not want it to be!

Get Your Blog Reviews Shared

Be responsive to comments

Probably the first and most important thing to do is to comment. You should encourage people by commenting by running commenting competitions.

This can be something like, you will give away 2 or 3 of the products you have reviewed to someone who comments within 30 minutes of your blog going live.

It could also be to anyone in the first 10 comments. It drives people who read your blogs to get involved with the hope of winning something for free.

But perhaps the best thing you can do is to be responsive to comments. Never just wait for people to comment and start a conversation.

Try to respond to your fans, answer their questions and try to get to know them more. If users are engaged they will be more likely to share your reviews.

Work with an SEO team

SEO marketing is one of the best things to happen to blogging. It helps bloggers that may not have many followers, to organically grow their audience.

Work with a trusted seo team that can research the relevant keywords that will help you the most.

This could be high-ranking keywords and keyphrases that would normally be gotten by the larger companies, that can be bid for and attained by your SEO team.

So your blogs will have more trending keywords, direct all kinds of customers to your blog and hence, there is a higher chance that you will grow your customer base with fresh faces.

Make accompanying videos

Blogging is no longer about just writing, it’s about keeping audiences engaged using all forms of media. You want to have a video that accompanies your blog.

The trick is to include different things in your video and blog, so both are relevant and users know that they won’t get the full package by just consuming one of them.

You should add things in your video such as ‘for more of my view on this topic, read the blog post’.

This lets audiences know that some key information is not present in the video and hence, going to the blog is the only way they can read it.

Blogging is all about shares if you want to grow your presence.

Working with an SEO team just makes perfect sense so anything you write gets traction.

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