Launch a Student’s Blog: How to Get Started & Make Your First Cash on It

The 21st century is a wonderful time for students. There are innumerable sources of knowledge and opportunities to improve yourself. Globalization creates a boundless space to communicate and connect, share ideas, and experience.

Today, blogging is a leading tool for many. People start blogs to find a place where they can express themselves, find like-minded people among their readers, as well as friends, and even co-workers. Indeed, in many cases, it helps to maintain a profitable business.

Blogging is a way to store your thoughts in the form of text. That’s why you will inevitably develop and improve writing skills.

Luckily, in today’s world, it is easy to find each other and complement skills. While there are plenty of students who struggle with each academic assignment, many people find creating content their calling. 

Some of them decide to dedicate their time and efforts to write for other people. These talented writers create communities and services like, striving to help others deal with any content-related issue.

Blogging is especially popular among students, as they are founts of fresh ideas. If you have something to share but don’t know where to start, here is a short guide on how to launch a blog and even turn it to the source of income.

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First, Define the Topic

Surely, it’s the first step to start a blog. You should define one clear idea, general or specific, related to your college studies or not. It can be your personal space, a little world where you can note everything you are passionate about.

Yup, passion is key because only then it becomes a source of inspiration and motivation, which your readers will always feel and want to come back. 

Choose a Platform

If you are a newbie, some free platform is a perfect option. They are simple to use and don’t require any additional knowledge. 

Free spaces allow you to develop and train your skills and a personal style, try out several options, and simply find the best way to express yourself.

You can pay for your personal domain later and make the blog unique by customizing the layout. 

It may be challenging, but also a nice opportunity to learn something new. There are a lot of coding lessons and tutorials to learn such essential coding tools as HTML and CSS.

Here are some of the most popular blogging spaces:

  • WordPress;
  • Wix;
  • Penzu;
  • Tumblr;
  • Medium;
  • LiveJournal;
  • Weebly.

Know Your Audience

It’s the basic thing you should consider before launching any public activity. Not everyone follows the rule, though. Especially if you decide to create content, it’s important to visualize and understand who your reader is. Then it’s much easier to choose tools and define the strategy to communicate and get feedback.

Set Realistic Goals

It’s difficult to start, but what is more challenging is to keep the blog going. 

You should post consistently, but you have to know your limits and set realistic goals to avoid burnout. Make this activity bring you inspiration and a moment to take a rest from routine. 

That’s the best way not to lose motivation and stay inspired by classes, school assignments, social life, and part-time work. By the way, it’s a good opportunity to improve your organization skills!

Learn SEO and Copywriting

If you want to write for a large public, you’ll want to care about optimizing the content. It’s also a good way to start making money with your blog. Take some time to learn basic SEO tools to generate a better ranking on Google.

Use Social Networks

Social networks are the most effective way for a student to draw more traffic to one’s blog. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest to make your content reach more users. 

Simply share your publications via accounts on several platforms, and you will instantly get more readers.

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The Bottom Line: Care About Quality

It goes without saying that your content should be high-quality. Don’t disappoint your readers with an unpleasant layout or misprints in the text. 

Even if you write well, it’s always a good idea to use editing tools and apps like Grammarly or Hemingway to avoid some unfortunate errors.

Quality also means accessibility. About half of readers visit sites from mobile devices, so it’s a great idea to develop a mobile version. 

Creating a blog is fun and interesting itself. It’s an unforgettable feeling when you see it running and ready to get filled with your ideas. Imagine the feeling you’ll get after making first money on it – via affiliate marketing, reviews, etc.

As a student, use all the available means to realize yourself, it’s your time to share ideas!

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