How to Make Content That Rules (& Why)

Why is it that article marketing is still one of the most successful tools for Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing?

The answer has several different parts, not the least important of which is the fact that the Internet is, first and foremost, an information portal where you can find valuable material on everything ‘under the sun’!

Excellent quality, unique article content is commonly known to be essential to the long-term success of almost any website. No matter the reason for its existence, a website has a story to tell.

There are quite a few people out there who will want to know what you’re promoting, advertising, selling or giving away for free.

Are you providing pure information, some software or hardware, something intangible or perhaps something which you can ultimately get delivered by some fellow in a large van?

The most effective way to answer each of these questions is to display the information in an easy to read, widely accepted format.

And keep in mind that an expert virtual assistant will know exactly how to proceed if you’d like to get up-and-running fast.

An article can be written about any subject. It has to have a logical beginning, a logical conclusion and in between, it must deliver the relevant information.

It has to have a logical beginning, a logical conclusion and in between, it must deliver the relevant “buy pills” information.

A widely utilized method of formatting individual web pages involves writing an article of around 500-1000 words and using it on one of the inside pages.

This article will contain information relating to the functionality of the page – and it will, within its contents, contain relevant keywords relating to the very need for information that has brought the visitor to your site in the first place.

Search engine optimization, being the process of preparing your websites and web pages most efficiently, mandates that you follow certain protocols to help the search engine robots rank your page, and a professional virtual assistant will know right where to start.

One of the things that the robot is looking for is appropriate content, and they will scour the article within your page to see that it contains the associated keywords, and also in a process known as latent semantic indexing, additional verbiage related to the main topic.

Technically speaking, the robots are very good at crawling your pages and concluding whether they need to bring them to the attention of people searching for the information that you’re providing.

Any good SEO specialist will tell you that good-quality article content is essential for your online business. It’s well worth the investment of time and effort when you consider that you’re trying to meet two goals here.

content is king

Firstly, you must make sure that the human eye that scours your page likes what it sees and finds the content of your page well-written, educational and informative.

Secondly, you must make sure that the search engine robots, in their special way, also like what they see and scuttle away to amend their rankings so that your site is displayed when somebody searches for relevant information.

Well, we have to know that we need to write only quality content that serves the users intents. For this reason, you need to create articles that speak about customers’ problems, its resolving by their language.

In other words, you need to use keywords that users type in the search trying to find your products.

Assuming that you have brainstormed your selection, what are you going to do with your list of keywords? You might have a goldmine of potentially profitable words in your hands. To find this out, you will need to analyze where you’re going with keyword tools.

If you have used any keyword tools, you will see not only keyword results but also suggested phrases. It is more difficult to use expressions in an article and appear natural.

But, you can use those targeted phrases in another way – create unique WebPages on your website development. An “on point” virtual assistant can help you with all the details, moving forward.

You don’t have to go out to your nearest computer store and purchase any software. Look on the Internet to find what you need, either at no cost or for a small fee.

You may be able to find a free trial. By doing this, you would be able to determine how it all works or whether it’s right for you.

Here we propose few software tools that help to find relevant keywords for your website development. All of these are free but may have some enhancements for a fee.

1. Wordtracker:

There is no way that you could think about all the various combinations of words that users type to find results in your niche. Here such tool like Wordtracker does it all.

By using the potential list of keywords you completed earlier, enter one of these words into the program. The software will return all possible combinations (according to your search parameters) and the number brand of searches for each.

You may even notice some ideas that you haven’t thought about before.

You will also be able to compare your results according to search engines. A specialist virtual assistant can get this done fast, and to an excellent standard.

2. Wordstream:

It returns keyword suggestions that work well for content and pay-per-click ads.

You can manage your keywords here, as well. The best phrases and words for your situation will be revealed for you to choose from.

keywords for SEO

3. Overture:

This keyword tool was created by Yahoo. It is now named Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Using this search engine, the tool returns results for a variety of keywords and how many searches are done for them.

You can choose to keep or discard the ones that have too many search results and opt to exploit the keywords that have not been overdone.

4. Keyword Discovery:

This tool will return the best keyword results from one keyword that you enter. Over 100 search engines are accessed as the list is compiled.

You will be surprised how much research time can be saved, especially if you are looking to make some money online sooner, rather than later.

When it comes to online business marketing, if you pick the right ones, you can establish a profitable website. Using these tools can help you narrow your search even further than the list you came up with.

How do you know which ones would be winners? You’ll have to test them and see!

And, finally, the last step in the process of creation of super quality content is to avoid the most common copywriting mistakes.

Because it’s always helpful to have some knowledge of copywriting mistakes that are known to sink your copy in a hurry. If you’re learning about copywriting, then you’ll want to remember the following three mistakes.

  • An effective and experienced copywriter realizes that much better results will be performed when the copy addresses product, or service, benefits as opposed to the features.

Yes, mentioning the features is important, but at the same time, you have to remember that your prospect is interested in the benefits more.

People respond more and stronger to benefits because they specifically address how the reader will personally benefit – it’s selfish self-interest at work.

That is also why it’s important for the copywriter to understand the product and all that it has to offer. One way to approach this is to list the features, and then explain each feature regarding a benefit, and then only use the benefits in your final copy.

This would make your prospects understand the feature and what it can do for them.

Bear in mind that customers will only buy your goods or services when you show them how your product will change their lives, or how it can solve their problems or what benefits can provide.

  • Some copywriters say the offer is the single most important part of any sales copy. When you become a copywriter, you should know how to use words to your advantage. You need to show the prospect how the product will benefit them but at the same time make a strong offer. You can use the benefit bullets to do several things, just one of which is to make your product stand-out from all the rest online.

However, you’ll have to balance your copy in such a way that you create an interest in your prospect and also not give away too much revealing information. But how do you make your offer irresistible?

The usual approach is to give away freebies – commonly called bonuses if a purchase is made. How you make these bonuses different and unique is totally up to you, but remember that your copy will only work when you know how to craft out a great offer.

how to write a great blog post

  • So you have to think about where you’re going to put the product or service price point. Never put your product price too early in your sales copy. Why is that, you ask?

When people see the price, they immediately start working on their decision about the product. The most optimum location to reveal your price is near the bottom after the product and benefits are introduced.

If you write with the idea that whatever you produce can be edited, then you’ll be able to relax more and write with more confidence.

When you do spell out the price, don’t be shy about it because it needs to be clear and visible. Don’t be intimidated by your asking price, and don’t try to hide it with everything else in the copy.

In Closing

In conclusion, the mistakes that your side effects of making as a copywriter will cripple your sales and bring down your efforts.

Another way to help is by proofreading, editing grammar and style, checking the text using free punctuation checker and revising as needed – so get in the habit of doing it.

So, quality article writing will continue to be the most important method of maintaining great website content and achieving high ranking website development goals for your site.

Don’t forget, “Content is King”!

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