How to Make Your Blog Feel More Professional

It’s not easy to grow a blog to such a degree that it can stand on its own and make money.

You’ll need to start small, but over time, you’ll find that your visitor numbers move in the right direction, or at least they will if you’re producing top-quality content.

Some bloggers are their own worst enemy, however, even if they don’t know it.

Because they spend all their time writing blogs and promoting their website, they forget an important detail that can have a big effect on their success: how professional their site feels.

Below, we take a look at five ways you can up your website’s professionalism levels.

How to Make Your Blog Feel More Professional

Speed Up Those Loading Times

It’s 2018; there’s no way you can get away with slow loading times. People’s patience has dwindled significantly since the day of dial-up internet.

Now, if the site isn’t loading within a few seconds, then they’re moving their cursor to the ‘X’ in the corner.

More than just being frustrating, it signals a lack of professionalism.

An engaged website owner would know that their site was running slow, and would take steps to speed things up.

Add More Information

The average blog doesn’t take the time to add information such as its contact details. But take a look at the best blogs, the professional outfits; there, you’ll find a whole range of communication options.

Social media channels, emails, physical addresses, and phone numbers will all be present. So what’s stopping you from having them on your website?

You should already have social media pages, so make sure links to them are easy to find on your site.

You can obtain an address from, so you don’t need to use your home address, while a contact number can be obtained from a third-party phone answering service. With those things on your site, it’ll be an image of professionalism.

Less is More

Sometimes, it’s not the content or look of the site that makes things appear amateur. It’s that there’s simply too much going on.

If you have far too many pages and categories, then you’ll run the risk of your blog losing its identity.

Professionalism is closely linked a clean look, and a website can’t have that clean look if there’s way too much going on.

If you think your site is too busy, look at trimming down the number of pages you have.

High-Quality Photographs and Text

If there’s one giveaway when it comes to a website’s professionalism, it’s the quality of the photographs and the text, or lack of, should we say.

For your images, make sure you’re using websites that offer high-quality images, such as

You’ll also be well-served by triple or quadruple checking your text before you hit the publish button.

Too many spelling or grammatical errors will have your visitors wondering who exactly is behind a website that doesn’t check for these things.

Take the steps above, and your website will be more professional in no time!

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