How To Tackle Your Mental Health When You Don’t Know Where To Start

Mental health can be a hard concept to literally wrap your head around. It’s the way you think and feel, but it’s also the chemistry behind what makes your brain tick – it can get pretty complicated!

And when you’ve had a hard year and you’re always feeling blindsided by your own emotions, it’s incredibly tricky to know where to start with tackling the problem at hand. 

But you’ve got to start somewhere, and sometimes the smallest step can lead to the biggest progress.

And to help you find your motivation in this situation, here are some good starting points to keep in mind as you decide what’s best for your overall wellness.

Mental health is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle and it deserves as much attention as your physical body! 

How To Tackle Your Mental Health

Pin Down What’s Bothering You

So, what is it that’s really troubling you? What thoughts and/or feelings are getting to you right now? And what experiences or situations have you been in that have led to these negative and uncomfortable associations?

It may be hard to face, but you truly have to think about what’s concerning you right now. 

Once you know what’s going on with your mental health, you can start to look for constructive solutions.

A bit of time ruminating on why you feel the way you do can go a long way to preventing these thoughts and feelings from taking hold over you again.

If you need to you can even grab a bit of paper and write it all down – this will be especially helpful if you’re planning to see a therapist in the near future! 

Take a Look at Your Physical Health

Your mental health and your physical health go hand in hand. As such, it’s a good idea to double check the way your body feels inside and out.

  • Have you managed to get a good night’s sleep recently?
  • Have you been eating properly?
  • Have you gone for a walk or got outside in the past few days? 

Our bodies influence our minds a lot more than we think they do. Take some time to address the way you physically feel and then move on with finding ways to tackle your mental health.

Even just a shower could make you feel better! 

Find a Therapist

This could also be the perfect time to find and work with a qualified therapist.

Someone who knows what you’re going through and is able to talk things through with you in a comfortable, impartial environment.

And whether you need the full support of an inpatient rehab or you could be fine with seeing a professional once a week in an office, a bit of research goes a long way, making this choice means you’ll grant yourself a support net that stands the test of time. 

Of course, finding the right therapist can be tricky. You can hear all kinds of horror stories about people being turned away or invalidated by professionals, and then there’s just the chance you won’t click with the other person. But don’t let some bad experiences turn you away.

You may need someone in front of you who is able to suggest why you look at things the way you do, as well as help you come up with coping methods. There are plenty of reliable therapists out there who work with every single part of you. 

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Why not take some time now to also reconnect with your loved ones? Your parents and siblings, your best friend and co-workers you always have a fun time with – anyone you know who has been there for you in the past. They’ll want to know you’re having trouble right now. 

Let them know how you’re feeling and that you think you’re in need of a little support.

They may have plenty of suggestions for you, or they may just be able to lend an ear. Whatever it is, they’ll be glad you reached out to them.

It’s a sign you trust and value their time and advice, and that can strengthen your relationship ten times over for the future. 

The more you know about your own mental health, the better equipped you’ll be to handle any kind of disruption. So try to pin down what’s going on in your head, make sure your physical wellbeing isn’t at risk, and talk to people about what you’re going through. Bottling things up won’t do you any favors! 

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