How to Wear a Lanyard: Top Tips for Wearing One with Style

Just because you have to wear a lanyard doesn’t mean you can’t look great. We take a look at how to wear a lanyard with true style.

Hate wearing your lanyard and ID to work?

Who wouldn’t? They can look horrendous! But what if you could turn these into a fashion opportunity?

In the past, lanyards have a bad reputation. They make people stand out when they want to and for some odd reason, students hate wearing their IDs.

Now, it’s time for us to end the stigma and teach people how to wear a lanyard with style.

Start your own controversial fashion trend by checking out these cool lanyard ideas. With the help of these tips, you can be sure you’ll turn a few heads and catch some eyes as you walk past with confidence.

how to wear a lanyard

1. Hang It on Your Bag

One of the main uses of a backpack is to hold your valuables while you commute. Why not add to that and hang your lanyard there as well? Adding your lanyard onto your backpack is a great start to turning it into an object of fashion.

There are a few ways you can attach your lanyard to your bag. You can tie it on unto one of the straps, you can let it hang from inside the bag, or you can snap it in place with the lanyard’s attachment.

Do this as a way to represent what your lanyard stands for. Whether it’s to show off your pride for your school, the company you work for, or even if it’s only for the sake of displaying the combination of colors that you’ve made.

Ease of access is another perk you can get from doing this. If you prefer having a waist bag, shoulder bag, or sling bag, hanging your lanyard from it allows you to reach for it with ease when you need to.

2. Tie It Around Your Wrist

If you’re tired of the feeling of your lanyard hitting your chest over and over again, why not tie it around your wrist for a change?

This is the quickest way for you to turn your lanyard into something more. You only need to know a few basic knots to prevent it from falling off of your wrist. By doing this, you can fashion your lanyard into something like a bracelet.

You can even go a step further and braid it to make it look even more fashionable. You can also consider implementing a different colored length of yarn or ribbon along with the lanyard to make it even more colorful and personalized.

Also, doing this is one way for you to keep track of your belongings attached to your lanyard. With it on your wrist the whole time, you can be sure no one can nick it from you.

If you do this good enough, people may start to notice your trend and even ask for you to do theirs for them. This can open up many roads to starting a small business in your future.

3. Wear Them Around Your Belt Loops

No, we’re not talking about using them as belts. Although, ladies can consider using them as such if the colors and prints match your pants. What we mean is looping your lanyard around one of your belt loops for fashion.

Looping your lanyard around your belt hoops can turn it into an attractive addition to your pants. Tying different knots and braiding it can also add more flair to your lanyard.

You can also consider having multiple lanyards hanging from pants. Though it may be a bold move to do this, you can pull it off as long as you know what goes with your pants and style. As long as you mix and match the right colors, you will end up looking good.

4. Hang It from Your Pocket

How to wear a lanyard in your pocket? It’s easy, all you need is to let it hang from the inside.

This is the current trend for lanyards nowadays because of how simple and easy it is to pull off. It’s also quite fashionable to more people than you think. You can do this from either of your side pockets or from the back pocket, and it will still catch the attention of people you pass by.

A reason why this is a popular trend is that it’s easy to show what your lanyard represents. A lot of people do this to show off what sports team they support, while others do this to be subtle about bragging which company they work for or the school they go to.

Others find it to be an easy way to show off their personality. They do this using customized lanyards. Some have a message written on them, showing people that’s how they live their life.

Can’t find a lanyard that suits your personality? Check out and you may find one that you’ll like.

5. Wrap It Around Your Ankle

Want to look good while staying on the move? Wearing a lanyard around one of your ankles can be a great way of doing this.

Utilize your lanyard as an ankle bracelet together with some amazing ankle boots to make it both trendy and fashionable.

This is also a great idea to do when you’re visiting a water-themed park. Many people often lose wristbands, hanging glasses, and even waist bags they thought were secure when they go swimming in a pool or going down a water slide.

Securing your lanyard on your ankle helps you keep track of it when you’re going down a slide.

5. Wearing It Around Your Neck

What to do with lanyards? Wear them around your neck, where they’re supposed to be. It may seem boring and mundane, but you should consider customizing it. Once you have, you may find that it will be to your liking.

Add some custom art or prints made by your hand. Doing this can show off a lot of your personality to people. You can also use pins and other buttons to do this.

You can also implement a design that you like into the lanyard itself. This method will take time and effort, but when you finish, you’ll have a lanyard unique to your tastes.

Use this Guide to Learn How to Wear a Lanyard Now

How to wear a lanyard? With style of course! Show off your personality and use lanyards to start a fashion trend now!

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