My Jaaxy Review: Is It Really The Ultimate Keyword Tool?

Keywords are huge in the online marketing space. From newbie bloggers to corporate digital agencies and all in between recognize the power of keywords and the absolute need for a trustworthy, powerful keyword traffic tool.

In my 5 years of experience online, for the most part I have used a certain keyword tool that is not known by many, but as you will see from this review, it’s a tool that you’d want to try and ultimately you’ll end up loving.

Today I am doing my Jaaxy review, it’s been a long time coming but I didn’t want this to be “just another review”, in this review I am going to go very deep and detailed into what I call “the ultimate keyword traffic tool” that you need.

Now; enough hype and small talk, let’s get into this review.

Jaaxy Review

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Tool
Product Website:
Product Creators: Wealthy Affiliate
Product Price: Free, Then $19 p/month
My Rating: 08/10

What Is A Keyword Tool?

If you do not know what keywords are, then I suggest you first take a few minutes to read my guide on how to do keyword research. In there I explain all about what keywords are and how to use.

However, this post today is about a specific keyword tool (Jaaxy) that you can use to find the keywords you are so desperately looking for.

A keyword tool does just that.

Now there are many keyword tools on the market, but I have come to love Jaaxy and I will be explaining exactly why in this review.

In a nutshell and in it’s basic form, a keyword tool will show you the traffic data that a specific keyword gets, although most tools, like Jaaxy, will go even deeper into much more information.

Let’s take a look at what Jaaxy is and does and why I call it the ultimate keyword traffic tool.

What Is Jaaxy & What Does It Offer

There’s a lot that Jaaxy can do which I have not found anywhere else (I haven’t looked either to be fair). Next up I will be going through every little thing that Jaaxy has to offer so here goes:

Jaaxy (The Keyword Tool)

The meat of the product is obviously the keyword tool which gives you data on how many searches a keyword gets, but what makes Jaaxy special is not just that, but all the other features that come with it whenever you are looking for keywords.

Let me explain:

Related Keywords

Whenever you type in a keyword, Jaaxy also populates a list of other related keywords that you might be interested in and haven’t thought about yet.

In fact, most of my research is done like that. I start off with a “base keyword” (an idea) and then let Jaaxy do the work and find me the keywords that I need.

Obviously you do get the data for your chosen “base keyword” but you also get the data on hundreds of more keywords in an instant.

This is great because sometimes with a keyword you have in mind you’ll find that it either has a low search volume or else it is very competitive. Jaaxy will tell you all of this with the data it has:

Average Searches Per Month

The average searches per month is the average amount of searches that keyword gets from all search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo).

This is another key factor of why Jaaxy is a great keyword tool because most other tools only use data from Google, which if you bought such a keyword tool, you’ve been scammed as the data is pulled from the free keyword tool that Google provides.

(Please note that to use the Google keyword tool, you need to have an Adwords campaign running so it’s not exactly free).

Average Number Of Traffic You Can Expect

Not only will you find out how much traffic the keyword is getting, but Jaaxy also tells you how much traffic you can expect to get from that keyword if you rank on the first page for it.

Obviously, you will never get 100% of the traffic a keyword gets so it can be a bit misleading sometimes. Jaaxy however provides you with a very close estimate to how much traffic you can expect from that keyword.

Quoted Search Result (Your Competition)

Finding great keywords is one thing, making sure that keyword is not impossible to rank for due to an insane amount of competition, is another.

If there is a lot of competition for the keyword you want to target, then you are going to be facing an uphill battle to get ranked.

You can definitely try to go for it, do not exclude high competitive keywords, but at this point (especially if you’re just starting out) you want to target keywords that do get a decent amount of searches per month but have no to little competition.

Jaaxy provides that in the form of the QSR. The number shown in this column is the exact amount of competing pages for that exact keyword.

Now it’s good to mention that Google doesn’t use quoted search queries. Instead it shows search results that match on a bit more broader scale of the original keyword.

However, this is a good indicator to see if you keyword is a “quality keyword”:

Keyword Quality Indicator

The searches per month and the QSR are all part of the formula that make up the “keyword quality indicator data”.

  • If your KQI is green, then it’s a good keyword to use and would probably be easy to rank for.
  • If your KQI is orange, then you have a chance, but there is some competition out there that you need to beat to be on page 1.
  • If your KQI is red, then this means the competition would be an insane battle to get ranked.

SEO Power

SEO Power is a metric which takes all the above data and compiles it into a score from 1 to 100.

The higher the number, the easier it will be to rank for. You can see an example of this in the image below.

Domain Available For That Keyword

This may not always be useful but if you are looking for a keyword that you can use as a domain name for your website, then this shows you in what extension (.com / .net / .org) the keyword is available in.

Again; this is not something you will be using often but for those looking for a domain name that will have a specific keyword in it, this little tool will save you a lot of time and energy.

Here is the Jaaxy dashboard in action, you will find all the information listed above in this image:

My Jaaxy Review - Dashboard

Now, what else does Jaaxy offer? I’m glad you asked; 

The “Alphabet Soup” Feature

Do you know what the alphabet soup technique is?

It’s a method of finding keyword ideas using Google’s instant results search feature.

You may have noticed that when you are typing something in Google, it tries to guess what you are about to type.

This data is coming from what searches are being conducted the most, thus Google is taking a lucky guess here based on popular searches.

Now, if you want to do this manually you can. All you have to do is go to Google, type your keyword and then start adding a letter and noting down the keywords that come up.

For instance:

  • “how to make money with a”
  • “how to make money with b”

Now, with doing this method manually you won’t know the traffic data behind them BUT you can still use these keywords and try to rank for them (we know they are being searched for, otherwise they wouldn’t have shown up).

Jaaxy though, will make all this research for you “from a to z” and gives you all the data that we talked above.

Very, very, very useful when doing keyword research and again; this will save you a lot of time and energy.

Saved Keywords List

Now all this keywords that you will be finding will surely keep you busy for months on end, that is why it’s super important to make a note of the keywords you will be finding with Jaaxy.

But should you write them down on pen and paper? Type them neatly in an Excel sheet? Nope!

Jaaxy has the “saved list” feature which you will be able to use to store all the keywords you find along with all the data that comes with them.

No need to go digging again when you are in need of keywords to write about, simply visit the “saved keyword lists” feature and you’re set to go.

I told you this was the ultimate keyword traffic tool. I hope you’re starting to believe me now!

Search History

Searched for some keywords but can’t remember which ones you found? Don’t stress this as Jaaxy also has a recent search history tool which will show you all the keywords you’ve searched for in the past.

How’s that for convenience?

Search Analysis

This is an interesting feature and I’m sure all you powerful SEOs and keyword geeks (no offense I’m one too) will love.

The search analysis feature is a powerful tool that will give you an inside look into what websites are ranking for a specific keyword and also give you information about that specific page.

The information we’re talking about is this:

  • The tile of the post.
  • The URL of the post.
  • Meta description.
  • Meta keywords.
  • Word count in post.
  • Links on site.
  • Alexa ranking.
  • Keyword density (super useful).
  • Amount of backlinks pointing to post (also super useful).
  • Whether the post has AdSense installed.

This, in the right hands, can be extremely useful when building a long term SEO campaign and also keeping an eye on the competition (and how to take them down).

This is a premium feature in itself that I know other keyword tools charge extra for, but at Jaaxy this is just another part of the package.

Oh, and FYI the search analysis will analyze all 3 major search engines; Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Find Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

Now, let’s talk money.

I am sure that anybody that would need a keyword tool such as Jaaxy is not just a hobby blogger or doing this as “just a hobby”.

Jaaxy is for power users and power users like to make money with their businesses.

With this feature, you will be able to look for affiliate programs in your niche or industry. Now I know this can be done through Google as well but Jaaxy makes this available with just “a click of a button” to find offers and products on ALL major affiliate networks.

You can see my recommended list of affiliate programs here.

With one simple search, you are going to find more products and programs to promote than you ever thought possible, that I can promise you.

The “Brainstorm” Feature

Stuck for ideas? No worries. Let Jaaxy Brainstorm show you what’s hot and what’s being talked about the most online to hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

This feature will pull data on what is being searched, talked about and bought from these major outlets:

  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Alexa Topics
  • Amazon Best Sellers and
  • Twitter Trending Tags

This alone should help you decide what to talk about next and how to use these phrases and tie them into your own content.

Obviously, I do suggest you run the ideas gathered from here through the main search feature of Jaaxy. This way you’ll have an idea of what you will be expecting with said keyword.

Site Rank

Jaaxy SiteRank

Now, obviously with all these amazing keywords you will be targeting, you would want to know about the progress you are making right?

Well, good news because Jaaxy also has a feature that will check where your site is ranking for a particular keyword and also the change it had (up or down) since you last checked for it.

This is an extremely useful tool since it’s important to know whether your efforts are moving you forward and also since, the alternative (Webmaster Tools) is extremely inaccurate and a few days late with the data.

With “Jaaxy Site Rank”, you get exactly where you are placing in the SERPS worldwide at an instant without the results being affected by *anything you have done.

*this may confuse some so let me explain; when you are signed in to Chrome or Gmail, Google will know you are visiting the site (often yours) so they will show search results from that page a bit higher than what they really are.

Training (On How To Do Keyword Research)

Completely new to keyword and keyword research?

Worry not because Jaaxy also comes with training how to use keywords and how to use Jaaxy to find them.

All that I have explained to you in my post about how to find keywords and in this Jaaxy review, can be found in these videos here so be sure to take a look at them even if you are not interested in Jaaxy.

It will really help you understand what keywords are and what they do.

A Jaaxy “Affiliate Program”

Last but not least, I want to talk about the affiliate program that comes with Jaaxy in case you want to become an affiliate for it.

Yes, Jaaxy does have an affiliate program and you can promote it to your readers, on your email list, in a dedicated blog post (like this one) etc..

As an affiliate you will be earning $8 per sale, which is a bit less than half of what Jaaxy costs (we’ll be talking about that soon).

Yes, this post does have affiliate links that if you purchase through them will make me some money at no extra cost to you but if you think this post was not helpful to you, then you can join Jaaxy through this link (which is not an affiliate link).

Things I Like About Jaaxy

thumbs up

WOW, this review has already dragged on for long and I thank you if you are still here reading. Much appreciated.

For that reason, I won’t go into depth about what I like about Jaaxy but in a nutshell, I love everything about it.

As you can see from all the features listed above, it really is the ultimate keyword traffic tool that you will ever need and if you have a better recommendation for keyword research, please leave me a comment down below so I can check it out.

Things I Do Not Like About Jaaxy

There is nothing I dislike about Jaaxy but I don’t want to be “all positive” just in case you may think I am BS-ing you to get you to join Jaaxy and me making $8, so I do have one thing that annoys me and it’s this:

In the “site rank feature” mentioned above, you can not delete the searches you’ve did which means they will be stored there forever, which I really do not like.

There are a lot of searches for keywords that I used for websites which I do not still own so they are still there appearing for me, which I absolutely hate!

There you go, the one thing I dislike about Jaaxy LOL!

Are There Any Upsells Involved?

No, as hard as it may be to believe, Jaaxy has no upsells and no hidden features you have to unlock with a price tag.

All that I’ve just talked about is available as part of your package and next we’ll be talking about how much Jaaxy costs.

How Much Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Price Sheet

Now, you might expect Jaaxy to have a very, very expensive price tag but you’d be surprised to know that actually, Jaaxy is very affordable and it can be yours for way less than $1 per day.

The Free Starter Membership:

I can talk about Jaaxy all day but the reality is that you have to try it and you have to like so the people behind Jaaxy have offered you this convenience as well.

Using this link here, you can get 25 free searches from Jaaxy as if you were a premium member.

Now, 25 searches may not sound like a lot, but remember what I said above; Jaaxy not only gives you data on your keywords but also on 100s of others related to it which means that from these 25 free searches, you can get 1000s of keywords ideas that you can use for your blogging calendar.

Take the 25 free searches here and see what you think of it. If you like it, then consider going for a premium option which we’ll talk about next, if you don’t like; no harm done, no money lost, just try another keyword tool from the many listed here.

The Pro Membership – $19 per month:

This is the one that I use and been using for years now. (I pay yearly though which is even cheaper).

With this membership plan, you get access to all the features mention above for unlimited use.

I definitely recommend you start off with this and if you like it, feel the need to go yearly with it or else upgrade to the other available option.

The Enterprise Membership- $49 per month.

Now this option has all the same features as the previous “pro” plan but it is simply faster and provides quicker results.

That is all. TBH, I do not use this and I do not recommend you use this either. Just stick with the pro membership and you’ll be good to go.

Do I Recommend Jaaxy?

As I am sure you’ve guessed by now, yes I definitely recommend Jaaxy. 100%!

It’s the real ultimate keyword tool and I would go to the length of staying it is the best keyword tool that I have ever used.

There are others that may be better, but the latest I saw cost over $100 per month, which in my opinion; nobody should be spending that much for keyword research (unless you are a digital marketing agency of some sort and need to have that much power).

I love Jaaxy and I am sure you will too! I guarantee it on my soul!

Are There Any Other Keyword Tools I Can Recommend?

Yes there are many other keyword tools you can use but to be honest, I would still stick to Jaaxy for many reasons. I really do insist you try Jaaxy first, at least get the free 25 searches and experience it for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my Jaaxy keyword tool review. I really hope you liked this and I hope this post has given you some clear indication on where to start with your keyword research.

If you have any questions on Jaaxy, keyword tools in general or anything related to doing business online, you can contact me by email or else leave me a comment down below.

I will get back to you in less than 24 hours, for sure.

Talk soon and thanks again. Keep at it, Keep learning and Keep earning.

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