How To Pick A Niche For Affiliate Marketing Success

Let’s talk about niche-research today.

How can you consistently find untapped, highly profitable niches with easy-to-rank for buyer-keywords?

If you’ve done your research, you’d know picking a niche (in other words; a topic) is step number #1.

While some niches are easier than others, I wholeheartedly believe any niche can make money – BUT…

If you’re just starting your first website, the best niche you can pick is the one you enjoy and that you already know more-than-others about.

You don’t have to be an expert in a niche (this is a very common misconception), but you do need to know a little bit more than the general population.

My main website is in the affiliate marketing / SEO niche, which is brutally competitive and a major pain in the ass to maintain.

However, I’ve stuck with it and have managed to make it a successful website because I’m genuinely interested in the topic. It’s what I do all day, every day.

If you are still on your first website, pick a niche you enjoy (and one you know you can make money with).

Once you’ve tested the waters with your first website, and want to try something else, then you can look into picking niches that you do not have a particular interest in, but know that can make money.

This is where I’m at right now.

I currently run a portfolio of 16 affiliate websites, many of which require little-to-no effort from me and I can do this only because:

  • I’ve developed a sniper-like level of skill with picking niches &
  • I also have content writers at the ready to do the work for me.

This makes it way easier for me work on niches I don’t particularly find interesting, but I know will make money.

The type of niches I usually go for are product-based, buyer-rich niches which are so obscure and so specific that they often go unnoticed by other affiliates.

The recent mini success story with the new website I shared yesterday is proof of that.

I came across this niche whilst doing some casual research and after going through the current websites ranking for its keywords, I saw they were severely lacking & decided to jump in knowing exactly what their weak points are and how to beat them.

A few weeks ago, I published a super in-depth guide revealing the process I followed to find this niche (and the 9 others in my new case study) and I want to share it with you today.

In it I explain…

  • The minimum estimated traffic volume to look for when qualifying a niche.
  • How to research the strength of the competing pages (and find their weak points)
  • How to estimate the potential earnings of a niche.
  • How to find the easy-to-rank for buyer-keywords that will make money and…
  • How to manage a portfolio of effortless affiliate-websites (if that’s what you’re into)

One thing I should mention here is that this method does require Ahrefs, which is a paid SEO tool.

It’s not free, but you can take advantage of their $7 for 7-days offer and in 7 days you will have more niche ideas that you can ever build.

(This is partly why I’ve also been considering launching a ready-made-niche-site service lately.)

This method can reveal 10+ new profitable niches every time I open up Ahrefs and as much as I wish I could, I can’t build them all.

It’s a very technical read with plenty of pictures and data points to look out for so I recommend you take your time to go through this guide slowly – and take notes.

I promise you, after going through this guide – you will never be “stuck for a niche” ever again.

One more thing I’d like to add here is that the niches you will find with this exercise are guaranteed to make money.

Yes – guaranteed.

How much you make and how quickly you make it is up to you, but you can definitely make back the $100 a year it costs to run a website (and the one-time $7 fee to run Ahrefs for a week).

You can read my niche-picking guide here, but remember;

This method is more suited for those who want to build a portfolio of mini passive income website, not brand-new beginners.

I must stress once again that if you’re just starting out, you’ll have a much better chance at making money picking a niche you are familiar with.

That’s all from me today.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll leave you to it.

Christian Lee.

PS: If you’re brand new to affiliate websites and have no idea what a niche even is (but you like the way it all sounds), you may want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate starter course.

How To Pick A Niche For Affiliate Marketing Success

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