10 Reasons Why You’re Not Hitting Your Blogging Goals

When you first start a blog, it’s natural for you to just get set up, start writing, and enjoy the process.

You’re usually just so excited (and grateful) to have such an opportunity, that you don’t really worry so much about it.

You write what you want and you put the content out that you enjoy.

But then suddenly, when things start to take off, or your readership does grow, you’ll realize that you want to get a little more serious about what you’re doing.

Or maybe you see what other bloggers are out there doing, and you want to do the same too?

When this is the case, it’s definitely important for you to be thinking about how you’re going to grow and what kind of goals you want to work towards.

This is always the first step towards growth.

However, it is also important for you to realize that this is not the only thing. You cannot just set goals and hope for the best.

You have to work toward them and take the right steps. Yet sometimes, you cannot see that.

Sometimes, you just know that you’re stuck, or you’re not really heading in the right direction, or that you’re not doing as well as others.

When this is the case, you need to think about making a change. And working out why you’re going wrong and what you can do to head in the right direction.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons for why you may not be hitting your goals just yet.

stuck with blogging

You’re Not Being Consistent

First of all, it could be that you’re just not being consistent. And when this is the case, you absolutely need to work on.

Because if you’re just posting here and there, you will not get the kind of traction you want or need. But, when you’re able to blog more consistently, things will change. So think about setting up a schedule that you can stick to, and keep it up.

You’re Not Engaging With Your Audience

How are your engagement levels?

Do you think that you need to work on this a little more? If so, then this could be the reason why you’re not hitting those goals.

So strip everything back. Look to engage your readers. Find out what they want. Serve them. The more value you can add, the better your results are going to be.

You’re Not Putting The Work In

This is one that you might not really want to admit, but it’s important that you do if you want to reach your goals.

It could be that you’re just not getting results because you’re not working. You’re not posting. You’re just not putting the time and effort in. So, this is the first thing you need to change.

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You’ve Set The Wrong Goals

Now, maybe you’re really working hard and you have no idea why it’s not all paying off?

When this is the case, it could just be that you’ve set the wrong goals in the first place. Maybe you don’t want to achieve those specific goals?

So think about what you do want to achieve, and set some new ones!

The Timing Isn’t Right

From here, it might just be a timing thing. Maybe what you’re trying to achieve isn’t timely right now?

Or maybe your goals are a little far fetched and you need to bring them down a little?

Or maybe it’s more about your content, so it could be that you need to change direction to start getting results.

You Need To Listen More

It might even be that you just need to listen more. Maybe you’re not taking in what your audience wants. Or that you’re not giving them the kind of information they need.

So listen more.

Figure out what they want, and give it to them. This will help you to reach your goals.

Your Setup Is All Wrong

From here, you might want to check out your setup. Do you have all of the equipment that you need? Wifi?

Do you need to do an internet speed test to find out if you need to upgrade?

Do you need new software? Make sure that you have everything you need in place, in order to go after those goals.

You’re Not Treating It Like A Business

Now, your blog might not be a business right now, but if you want it to become one, you need to be treating it like one already.

Running a business can seem tough, but you have to just shift your mindset.

Get a lot more professional about how you run your blog, and you should find that your results follow.

You’re Not Being SMART

Or maybe you are, but you’re just not being SMART with your goals. Setting goals is one thing, but you have to make sure that you can reach them.

So, your goals have to be specific with what you want to achieve. You need to be able to track and measure your goals.

They need to be achievable and not pie in the sky dreams, which is also why you need to be realistic.

And, you need a deadline – so they have to be time-sensitive. When you’re goal setting in this way, you’re being more strategic and you have something to work towards.

You Haven’t Set Any Goals!

And then finally, this could be that you haven’t set any goals at all! Sure, you may think that you’d like more readers. You may want to make money.

You may want this to become your full-time career, but hope is not a strategy! You have to stop wishing and dreaming and start planning and acting.

So, sit down and work out what you want to achieve. Set some goals.

And then work backwards. Figure out what steps you need to take in order to meet them and get started!

Then, you should find that hitting your goals is way easier than you first thought!

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