3 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovating your home can add a tremendous amount of value to your property, whether you wish to sell it or live in it for the rest of your life.

It can be an exciting new project to embark on, as you personalize your home, and improve the functionality and decor.

As with any big investment, it comes with its costs and its risks. Unfortunately, things can go wrong with any project, regardless of how big or small it is. 

To help you eliminate risks and delays, and ensure your renovation projects go as smoothly as possible, here are some top mistakes that you should avoid. 

Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

#1 Going with the first contractor you speak to

Renovating your home comes with huge costs and responsibility, so it is vital that you find the most trustworthy and credible contractors to do the work for you.

Unfortunately, many homeowners will go with the first contractor they speak to, but this is a huge mistake. You should obtain at least 3 quotations so that you can compare the prices.

You can also compare how they communicate with you, what they are offering, and how they are going to conduct their work. 

Make sure you research before you hire a contractor, read the reviews, look at their portfolio and come up with a list of questions you can ask them about their work and business.

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#2 Not obtaining the correct permits

Even though you may own your home and are able to personalize it in any way that you wish, you must still obtain a permit from the local authorities, especially if you are changing or adding to the structure of your property.

If you do not enquire with your local authority and obtain the relevant permits, you will find yourself with many problems, delays and extra costs.

Although it can be a hassle to obtain, it is important that you seek advice before embarking on any renovation project. 

#3 Trying to do too much yourself

Whether you are trying to keep costs down, or you just enjoy taking part in DIY projects, you should be careful you don’t try to take on too much yourself.

A renovation of your home is a big and important project, so you want to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard for your and your family’s safety.

If you insist on doing some of the work yourself, you should liaise with your project manager, to ensure you have enough time to complete the work in line with the bigger project deadlines.

Make sure that you only conduct DIY projects that you have sufficient tools and knowledge in, and don’t take on anything that you are unsure of, or have time for. 

Make sure you avoid these top mistakes on your next renovation project to eliminate any costly delays and problems.

This will keep it on schedule, and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

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