The Tools Every Good Blogger’s Going To Need

You might think that the act of blogging is simple enough that you don’t need much in the way of help, shortcuts, or time-saving tools to help you do it. It might even seem that way, at first.

However, when you have a steady schedule of content you want to publish, you might get surprised by how easily that work can pile up.

As such, here are some tools that can help you make things a little easier on yourself while keeping your content quality and quantity up.

tools for bloggers

A tool to keep your writing in check

If you’re planning on making it as a writer, then you need to have writing chops.

However, being one’s own editor and being able to catch 100% of your own mistakes is, as most pros will tell you, very time-consuming and fraught with error. There are writing correction tools that make it a lot easier by highlighting some of those errors for you.

There are also readability checkers that you can use to make sure that, even if it’s technically correct, it’s also clearly written enough for whatever audience you’re targeting.

Some content planning software

If you want to make sure that you’re able to keep a consistent readership, then you need to be posting consistently, too.

As such, you need to have scheduled brainstorming sessions, scheduled research periods, and always have at least a couple pieces in the pipeline, and content planning software can help you track and schedule your efforts, making it a little easier to ensure you’ve got some content coming in a timely manner.

A site you can actually work with

Your site is the platform by which you publish, edit, and manage your content.

However, if you don’t understand the site that you’re working with and you don’t have time to learn how HTML works, you can have a lot of problems.

A no-code website builder might be able to help you keep your blog running smoothly without demanding too much from you. Especially helpful if you’ve tried other CMSes before and found them too confusing.

Some social media management

If you’re trying to run a successful blog, you need to be actively promoting it on social media, as well as engaging with your community and the wider community of your niche.

Social media management tools make it a lot easier to schedule posts ahead if, for instance, you’re linking a post of your own, or to follow conversations and hashtags that you want an active part in.

An organic marketing optimizer

Aside from social media, search engines are by far one of the best tools for helping people find your blog.

But, to get the best chance of being found, you have to make sure that your site and each page works well with all-power algorithms. On-site SEO tools can help you tick all the boxes of search engine optimization to give your content the fighting chance it needs.

The tools above aren’t going to take away the work of running a blog from you. However, they are going to make it easier to carry that load.

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