6 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Blog Looking GREAT!

The internet is a massive place and if you want to ensure that you are able to one-up the rest of the people in your blogging niche, you need to make sure that it looks fabulous.

Really, looks matter online. We don’t get drawn in by messy websites and blocks of text that never make sense. We’re drawn in by clean lines and perfection in color.

We’re drawn in by the right words by the right people. We’re also drawn in by the things that offer us value – it’s how we become clients! 

Publishing your content for the sake of content doesn’t help. You need to have targeted content that people actually want to read and you need to ensure that you are being consistent with your delivery of that content.

As well as all of this content talk, it should look good. You want to get your blog looking as good as your social media – and you make social media look good with white border apps to draw people to your blog.

It’s one big circle and you need to do all that you can to ensure that you are making your blog a beautiful place to be – just like your social media.

If you want to improve the look of your blog over time use these tips to guarantee that you get the following you want.

Ways To Get Your Blog Looking GREAT

Write about the topics you know.

There really is no point in having a blog if you can’t talk about anything on it. You need to know that your blog looks good and the best way that you can do that is by writing things that you’re passionate about.

It’s the passionate writers out there that are turning out the articles that people want to click on and want to share with their friends. It’s the best way that you can make your blog look good – a stellar reputation really works to do this!

Don’t forget not to plagiarize when you head online to look for inspiration, though. Someone, somewhere will keep the receipts and it will come back to bite you!

Keep your taglines catchy.

From the typography and the color to the wording you use, you need to entice people to click on your blog posts. Relevant content needs a relevant headline so that people are clicking through to what you have to say.

Make it stand out and put a call to action within the headline so that people can’t just scroll past you!

Don’t forget to choose a great layout.

How do you want each blog to look? From the font you use to the surrounding border color, your blog should be uniform so that when people look at it, they feel compelled to click.

The whole idea of your blog is to get attention, and people want to give you that attention but they’ll only do it if they feel like you’re putting in the effort. If it’s easy to look at, people will assume that it’s easy to read, too.

Bring on the experts.

No matter the niche you’re in, you need experts who know what they’re talking about to come in and talk about what you do.

They can have a guest post on your blog and others who follow them will happily share their post with you – and your blog as a result.

A blogger looks more credible when they have guests who know what they’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to dig in and find out where the best guests are to come and post for you!

Don’t waste your image potential.

You’ve heard of Pinterest, right? Well, if you have your content ready to share, then you need to think about the imagery that you use for your blog. Consider that you need to have pin-worthy imagery to get people sharing.

If people then pin your images, they are going to be able to click through to your blog as a result. If your audience is captivated by the images on your site, they’re going to come back again and again to see what you have to say!

Branch out from the blogs.

Block blogs are great, but the best way to capture your audience is with infographics.

Believe it or not, these have the edge for posts and it gives you a chance to break up the content with something visual.

You don’t need a professional to work on the infographics for you either, not when you can learn how to create your own infographics!

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