4 Ways To Improve Your Home Insulation

When was the last time you decided to look at your energy bills and do something about them?

Are they creeping up?

If you’ve noticed a big difference in your energy bill payments recently, the best thing that you can do is to work out how you can warm up your home.

We’d all love to pay a little less on the bills that we have, and the good news is that there are ways that you can do it!

When you decide to start changing up the way that you keep your home protected, you’re going to feel the benefits pretty quickly.

The last thing that you want is to find that you are spending a ton of cash on heating that you don’t need to spend.

So, with this in mind, you need to look at some of the best ways that you can keep the heat in the house and keep the money in the bank!

Ways To Improve Your Home Insulation

Look At Your Roof

The eternal battle with your heating is how it escapes. If the loft space isn’t well insulated, your roof is going to be affected and you need your roof to be well insulated, too.

You can research galvalume benefits and start thinking about getting a roofer in to check the space over, but you’ll need to budget for this.

While you’re looking at the roof, look at the walls, too! You want to ensure that you have as much added insulation as possible in the home, so spray foam insulation in the cavity walls will be a great way to add heat to the house.

Lock Windows & Doors

Have you got double-glazing sorted, yet? You need to ensure that the windows are staying closed as much as possible throughout the day, but this’ll differ in the summer months.

You should conserve the heat as much as possible in the house and closed windows will help. The doors should be closed if you’re in the room, but leaving them open when you’re out will keep the air circulating throughout the rooms easily.

All of the windows should have more than single panes so that you can double down on how much air comes in and out of the house! Your doors may need replacing if they’re old and thin, too, so consider investing in an upgrade if you can!


Draughts can come in anywhere in the house, so work out the gaps and start plugging them up!

Fixing draught excluders to the bottoms of the doors and ensuring that you are adding draught excluders to the windows will help you to keep out those tiny air gaps letting the cold in!

Go around the basements and the attic, too, so you can get rid of any leaks.

Dress The Windows

Blinds AND heavy curtains are a great idea for your windows.

The blinds will add a layer of protection to the windows and the curtains will help if you have worries about air leaking in around the edges.

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