4 Quick Ways To Make $1000 A Month (With An Online Business)

What is the fastest way to make $1000 online?

For some weird reason, many beginners looking to make money online assume that “online riches” happen quickly.

They assume that just because they “want to make money online“, the internet will suddenly bend to their will and start pumping out easy cash to their bank account.

Unfortunately for both of us, it doesn’t work like that.

What I will be covering instead, is the fastest way to make $1000 online from my own experiences, but that does not mean it will happen today.

It probably won’t even happen next week or next month either but I am going to give you all the methods I know to start making money online, and as you’ll soon see – making your first $1000 doesn’t have to take so long.

Let’s get started…

The 4 (Quickest) Ways To Make $1000 A Month Online

The Fastest Way To Make $1000 Online

NB: If you want to make money fast (and you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own online business, I have a list of 15 websites you can use to earn a quick $100 a day.


Although I’m not a huge fan of dropshipping (anymore), it’s possibly the fastest way to make $1000 online I have for you on this list.

The reason for this is because if you have a decent level of understanding about Facebook Ads and you can pick out winning products, you can get started making money right away.

Now the reason I say I’m not a huge fan of dropshipping anymore is that Facebook Ads have become very expensive lately, thus I prefer to use other methods (mentioned below) to make money online.

While I do still have a dropshipping store that makes money it’s not my main focus. However, if you’re looking for a quick $1000 a month business – and have some money to invest – then you may want to learn more about it.

You can see my “get started with dropshipping” guide here.

Become A Freelancer

Another way to make money online is through the use of freelancing online, but this depends on your skill-set.

Do you have a skill that others are willing to pay you $1000 a month for?

If you do (and you can see a list of high paying services here) then you can get to your magical $1000 a month relatively easy.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money, but I have to warn you;

While it’s the safest and most reliable way of making money online, it’s also the slowest way!

Affiliate marketing is easy to do – if you know what you are doing – and it’s simply a business model where you sell other people’s products for a commission.

My business is mostly funded by affiliate marketing ventures and if you’d like to learn more about it, you can see some of my previous affiliate marketing guides here:

Selling Your Own Product

Last but not least, you can also create (and sell) your own product which yes – has the potential to make a lot of money very quickly if you know what you’re doing.

I have published a few guides on how to create and sell your own products online (check out Gumroad for this) so take a look at that if this is something you can do.

While I would still prefer affiliate marketing over selling your own product, remember that by selling your own product, you get to keep 100% of the revenue (as opposed to making a small percentage with affiliate marketing).

How Long Will It Take To Make $1000 p/Month Online With…

It’s hard to say how long it will take someone to get to their first $1000 a month.

I have seen people achieve this in a month, and I have seen people achieve this in two years. It depends on a lot of factors.

  • Your niche.
  • Your chosen method.
  • Your work ethic.
  • Your skill.
  • Your patience.

There’s a lot at play here so I can’t give you an exact timeframe, what I can do, however, is give you how long it will take the average person to reach this goal.

… Dropshipping?

If you find the right product, and you have a bit of skill with Facebook Ads, you can get to your first $1000 a month online in just one month.

One thing you should know here is that it’s not as easy to find “the right product to sell”. You also need to be investing money into Facebook Ads to be able to pull this off (which is not cheap and it will require you to have some start-up capital to invest).

Again; I would recommend you take a look at my dropshipping started guide for more information or you can check out Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites, which is the same training course that got me to $2000+ in one month with my own dropshipping store.

… Freelancing?

Freelancing would require you to create profiles on sites such as Upwork with the hopes of finding clients.

While there are plenty of ways you can find clients online, this method will take some time to develop into a business. However; if you have a “high-paying skill” as discussed above, I’m sure you can get to your first $1000 within 2-4 months.

… Affiliate Marketing?

On average, an affiliate marketing website can take up to one year to crack the magical $1000 a month goal.

But – when you build affiliate marketing websites, don’t just look at how much money you’ll be making per month.

Instead, look at the overall value of the website you are building.

  • A website that earns $100 a month can easily be sold for $3000.
  • A website that earns $1000 a month (after one year), can be sold for $30,000.

(That’s assuming a minimum 30X multiple).

So as you can see, although it’s not the fastest way to $1000, building an affiliate marketing website is probably the highest paying (although not the quest) method on this list.

…. Creating Your Own Product?

Making $1000 with your own product also depends on a few variables (such as how much you price your product), but you can get to that $1000 mark relatively quickly as well.

Let’s say you create a course that sells for $100;

If you can achieve 10 sales of that product (which is not as hard as you may think), you are bound to make some decent money.

Obviously, if you’re starting from scratch, this may take a little bit longer; but if you already have an audience to sell to, then I’m sure you can pull off your first $1000 in just a few months (possibly weeks).

After the success of creating and selling my own course (The Affiliate SEO Mastery), I’ve recently published a tell-all guide on how to make money as a course creator. If you’re interested, you can check out the linked guide.

5 Things You Need To Know About Making Money Online

how to make $1000 a month online

So now that you know what I’d recommend you do if you want to (quickly) make $1000 a month online, let me share with you a few things you need to know about making money online because as you’ll find out soon enough, it’s not as glamorous as one may think.

#1 – It Takes Time

As I made it clear with the first few paragraphs, making money online is NOT a ticket to get-rich-quick land.

It takes time, patience, guts, skills and a lot of work to be able to make $1000 a month online (or more).

There are a few ways you can make a quick $100 a day here or there, but if you want to start an online business – that pays you 24/7 so you can truly live the “dotcom lifestyle” – then you can’t expect to have your business making huge amounts of money from day one.

#2 – It’s Not As Passive As You Think

I love talking about “passive-income” as much as your favourite financial guru but;

One thing that needs to be said here is that making money online is more of a semi-passive-income than it is fully-passive.

The reason for this is that while yes – you will be making money “literally while you sleep”, it does take a lot of work to build, grow and sustain.

While I can venture out into the world, go travelling and my business will keep earning me money, there’s still work that needs to be done and I need to do it every single day.

#3 – $1000 A Month Is Just The Beginning

In this guide, we’re discussing ways to make $1000 a month, but the truth is; an online business can make much more than that.

My personal best online is $10,000 in one month and I personally know people who make much more than that.

What I am trying to say here is that $1000 is just the start; it should be your first goal.

Don’t reach that $1000 a month and then relax, as you’ll lose it quicker than you got it.

The sky is the limit and if you keep working at it, that $1000 a month will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

#4 – It Requires You To Know What You’re Doing

If making money online was easy, everyone would do it.

In other words; you need to know what you are doing.

Don’t go into this blindly – get some training courses to help you achieve your goals quicker.

If you go at this without knowing what it takes and what you need to do, I will guarantee that you will fail – it’s just how it goes.

It took me years to master all the skills necessary (and I’m still learning new things every day).

However, I have a special course bundle for you down below that should help you start earning money relatively sooner!

#5 – Not All That Glitters Is Gold

One other thing I’d like to add here before I end this post is the fact you need to do what you’re good at.

  • Even though dropshipping may be the fastest way to get to $1000, it may not be for you.
  • Even though affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online, it may be better for you to become a freelancer.

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