Why Most “Make Money Online” Blogs Are Useless

Information is almost-useless these days.

There’s just so much information you can’t even tell what is right and what is wrong anymore.

Even “science” has become clickbait-y and of course; it’s impossible to find any unbiased news anywhere.

Not to get too philosophical here, but how come the world seems to be more confused than ever?

The only answer I can come up with is this delusion that information equals knowledge.

(This would explain why smart-idiots are on the rise).

Information does not equal knowledge, and I will give you the perfect example of this;

“You can start an online business”.

That is a factually-correct piece of information, but completely useless.

Knowledge, on the other hand, is information coming from experience.

“You can start an online business, but you need to do this first, then this, then this happens, then you try this, then you do that, and then you make money.”

Now even though that’s way more helpful, it’s still not going to put money in your pocket.

So what’s missing?

What’s missing is applied knowledge – or in other words;

To learn it, you have to do it.

Yesterday I asked, “what is holding you back?” and the answers I got were pretty much along the lines of;

“I don’t know what to do” and “I don’t have the time”.

I will address the “time issue” in another email but with regards to what you have to do; you know exactly what I’m going to say:

You just need to get started.

It’s the best and quickest way to learn IMO.

While there’s information everywhere, it’s pretty obvious it’s coming from people who have never done it themselves – and it’s starting to piss me off.

I’m going to end this here before I go on a full-blown rant but before I do, let me know if I’m right about this.

Is all this information helping us, or just confusing us more?

I’d love to hear your opinion.

PS: On an unrelated issue, there’s a new way emerging for content creators to make money online. I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I will do whilst on vacation. It could truly be game-changer for us all. More details to follow.

Why Most "Make Money Online" Blogs Are Useless

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