PROOF: You Can Make $100 A Day With Affiliate Marketing

I’ve mentioned in the past that 96% of affiliates fail before they ever make their first $1 online.

I’ve also said that making money with an affiliate website is an almost-guaranteed venture.

Which one is it?

Well… both.

Let me explain.

When I start a new website, I’m 99% sure it will eventually make a profit.

100 a day with affiliate marketing

Note “eventually”.

The reason for such a high rate of failure is because people give up too soon.

If you can afford the $100 a year to keep your site running, then even if your site is a bust, you are pretty much guaranteed to make that $100 back – eventually.

If you follow the instructions in my niche-picking guide, you can make that back with just 2 sales a year!

But why would you want to go through all the effort of building a website, to only make $100 a year?

You don’t, and you shouldn’t.

If you only want to make an extra $100 a year, then I would advise you NOT to get into affiliate marketing as there are far quicker ways to do that.

The reason I’m pointing this out is to show you that yes; affiliate websites can almost-always produce a profit.

How much and how quickly is really up to you, but there’s nothing stopping you from making $100 a year, $100 a month or even $100 a day and more.

The truth is, going from $100 a year to $100 a day doesn’t involve as much work as you may think.

In some cases, it comes down to having patience and simply letting your site “mature”.

I’ve had dead-sites that *suddenly* come to life and start making 10X their yearly revenue in a month.

It happens – and it’s a beautiful thing when it does.

One other important element is knowing what you are doing.

Anyone can make a $100 a year online, but making $100+ a day requires you to know what you’re doing.

Many start with high expectations but lack the clarity of how to get there.

This is why for the past 5 years I have been recommending Wealthy Affiliate as the perfect starting point for all beginners.

It shows you how to build an affiliate business from the ground up and it gives you a proven roadmap to follow to the big leagues.

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Remember this;

If you treat affiliate marketing as a business, it will pay you as a business.

If you treat it as a way to get-rich-quick, then you will fail before you ever make your first $1.

See the difference?

With that said, I will firmly stand by my claim that yes; affiliate websites are a guaranteed income.

I’ll leave you to it.

Christian Lee

PS: The niche-picking guide mentioned above can be found here.

proof you can make 100 a day with affiliate marketing

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