5 Tips for Getting Your Blog Off the Ground

It’s a common problem. You’ve chosen your platform and have your blog set up.

Maybe you’ve published your first few posts but, you guessed it, nobody is reading it. Well, you might get a few hits, but certainly, nothing that you’d expected or hoped for. 

So, what’s gone wrong? More importantly, what can you do right?

Getting Your Blog Off the Ground

Define Your Niche

People go to blogs for the content, as you likely well know. So, if your content isn’t up to snuff, then people are less likely to want to read it. But it isn’t all just about well-written posts, or even engaging posts. One of the most important things to consider is your niche.

Even more general blogs have some kind of focus. Ideally, it’s something that you’re passionate about and somewhat knowledgeable about. This way, you can write with a sense of authority while also imbuing your personality into your blog. Yes, your personality should always come through because, if nothing else, that’s what keeps readers interested.

Check Your Content

While the niche and subject of your blog matter, you should definitely strive for a well-written and interesting post each time. Watch out for silly errors and ugly formatting, as they can put anyone off. 

Your content should ideally have at least one picture going on, as it breaks up the text and gives people something interesting to look at. Ideally, the picture should be at least tangentially related to your blog. You can either use your own photographs or find stock pictures for your blog. 

Also, review how often you update your blog. Try to keep it regular, so you can post with consistency. Even if you can only dedicate yourself to one post every other week, have a schedule.

Research Other Blogs

One great way to both get ideas and to see what works is to look at other blogs. These blogs can be either within your niche or something completely different, it pays to check out a variety of blogs.

For example, the Just Living Blog is a lifestyle blog that covers a whole range of different subjects, each related to just living your life.

However, there is a word of caution here. While you can pick up ideas and inspiration from other bloggers, it’s very bad form to copy what they’ve said word-for-word.

Your blog should be at least somewhat unique to you, with your opinions and your words. Otherwise, it will simply fall by the wayside without standing out.

The Blogging Community

While you’re researching other blogs, don’t fall into the trap of seeing other bloggers as your competitors. Rather, see them as potential friends and readers.

Most bloggers enjoy reading each other’s work and are more than willing to collaborate with you.

For example, writing guest blogs is a fantastic way to promote your blog content as if someone likes what you’ve written, they might check you out as well.

Fellow bloggers know the struggle of toiling away at their laptops, so they can support you. Of course, it’s only fair that you do the same for them, sharing and promoting other bloggers’ content.

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