How To Create A Favicon for Your Blog

If this is the first time you are reading my blog, you may not know that I actually help people (just like you) learn how to build an online business.

Of course, any online business that’s out there most probably requires you to have your own website set up and ready and each and every day, I spend some time going through my student’s websites and see what they are up to (and how I can help them).

The first thing I look at is the presence (or the lack of) a Favicon.

What is a Favicon?

Well, it’s a simple thing that will take you just a few seconds to add and it’s by far the first thing that people see when they click on the website.

Without it, you’re just going to appear as “amateurish” and even though you may still be an amateur with blogging (nothing wrong with that), adding a Favicon is still a must and you should learn how to add one.

Without further suspense, check out the below video to find out what a Favicon is and how to get one!

How To Create A Favicon for Your Blog

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