How I Plan To Sell My Blog For $100,000

Earlier today I’ve published the 4th update to my “profitable niche site” case study.

I’ve been keeping this case study on the DL so it’s my fault you’re hearing about this now, but to get you up to speed:

I’ve recently decided to add 10 new affiliate-websites to my portfolio.

This allows me to put my skills to the test in a variety of niches and it gives me the opportunity to document every step giving you a “system” to follow with your own affiliate website.

Moving forward, I will be sharing everything – my traffic, my income, my wins, failures, different strategies of making money, the whole lot.

At some point, I’ll even share the URLs so you can check them out for yourself (but not yet as “false traffic” this early can screw up the case-study)

As I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s email, the first website in this little experiment is off to the races and is now earning an income.

It’s not much – but after seeing a 6.7% conversion rate, it’s enough for me to confirm that my niche-picking method is spot-on, and for me to see a potential $100,000 exit.

Yes – my plan is to eventually flip this website for six figures (or more) in the next two years (ideally sooner).

To be able to sell this website for $100,000, it needs to be earning a consistent income of $3,000+ per month – which is easier said than done.

However, if the momentum keeps up, I’m pretty confident I can get it there in the next 12 to 24 months.

This is why I love building affiliate websites.

They are dirt-cheap to start ($100 a year max) and if you build them right, you are pretty much guaranteed a great return on your investment.

I can walk away from this website today, and it will stay earning me a passive ~$200+ per month without me ever needing to look at it again.

How crazy is that?

I’m a firm believer in affiliate marketing being the best way for a beginner to start making money online.

If you’d like to know more, tomorrow I’m going to send you my guide on how I pick my affiliate niches.

It’s an in-depth 6000+ word guide, and it explains a method that takes out all the guesswork giving you a 99% success rate with your picks.

Christian Lee.

PS: Picking niches is probably my strongest skill in affiliate marketing & I’m slowly building up the results to prove it. Yesterday I hinted at offering a “ready-made-niche-site” in the near future. A few got in touch about it so I’ll think about it some more & share a few ideas I had in mind in the coming weeks.

How I Plan To Sell My Blog For $100,000

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