The Things They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

Blogging can be publicized as glamourous, and if you actually make it in the blogging world, that’s exactly what it is.

There’s so much about it to be envious of, and we’re sure that you’ve already heard about them countless time.

But as positive as blogging is as a whole, we feel we should warn you that there are some things that people just don’t tell you about blogging.

Yes, in a way, it does give you the freedom of expression that so many people are craving, and yes, it can even get to the point where you’re actually making money from it.

But, if you’re thinking of starting your own blog at the minute, we want to share a couple of things with you that will ensure that you don’t think it’s all glamour and glitz.

Have a read on to find out more!

The Things They Don't Tell You About Blogging

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The Management

Ok, so when you first start out with your blog, it might not require much management at all, well, at least not as much as it does when you progress through.

But, in the beginning you will probably post a couple of times a week, and should be on social media every day.

But, as you get towards a professional blogger level, the management of it becomes somewhat business like.

Something such as enterprise content management tools could help you here, especially if you have a lot of planning involved, finances, as well as contact with other bloggers and potential clients to work with.

It can make you feel as though you’re way in over your head. But, if you’re getting paid a nice amount from it, our advice would be to go part time in your job, and take on blogging part time.

Management would relieve a little, and you could focus on more money!

The Pressure

The pressure for your blog to succeed is actually going to become seriously real. It becomes sort of an addiction, and once you gain a loyal following, you do feel like you have a pressure to perform and to please.

If your friends and family follow your blog, then the pressure gets turned up even more. Focus on yourself and pleasing yourself.

As long as you’re being consistent, your content is fun, and you’re still enjoying what you do, you really shouldn’t conform to the pressure you might be feeling.

If you’re feeling the pressure so much so that you feel as though the direction of your blog is changing, then simply stick to your guns, lose a few followers, and remember that you didn’t start blogging just for the money!

The Growth

The growth can be overwhelming. One minute you’re a small time blogger who is trying desperately to get noticed, the next you’re a big time blogger who is doing anything and everything to please.

The best thing you can do is be prepared for the growth. Have ideas for the future for blog posts, and ideas of companies who you might want to collaborate with.

That way, you’re going to be far more prepared when things do seem to go up a level or two!

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