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7 Instant Creativity Boosters For “Stuck” Bloggers

instant creativity boosters

The “C word” is arguably the most over-used in the blogging/writing industry, and given that our craft is anchored on producing ideas and transforming them into the written word, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Just how crucial creativity is to a blogger’s success cannot be emphasized enough, and when the other word – the “P […]

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These Traits Will Make You A Pro Blogger In No Time

I read a lot of “blogs on blogging” on a daily basis. Apart from learning from what others are doing to improve their business, I also like to learn about what these pro bloggers are doing “behind the scenes” to become insanely successful in their own right. I’m talking about the creme’ de le creme’ of […]

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Blogging My Way Back

Hey there guys. So no I haven’t abandoned you, or my blogging business..and yes I’m still alive. If you follow me on Google+, you might know that I’ve went through a bit of a hard time in my personal life these past few weeks so that is the reason why I haven’t been very active […]

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What You Need To Know To Make Money From Blogging

I know you know it’s possible! My guess would be that that since you’re here reading my blog; You want to know how so many other people have managed to earn money from blogging, (and how to do it yourself). Right? Maybe you’ve already tried it yourself but failed. It could be; I’ve failed multiple times […]

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