Writing Great Content Is Just Not Enough (This Is What I’m Doing Instead)

I really think most people fail to realise one thing when they start blogging and it’s a fundamental mistake that if not properly addressed; will ruin any chance you have of making money with your blog.

Most people think that providing quality content is the best way to build an audience, get traffic and hopefully make some sales.

That is true, but that is not the whole story!

Writing Great Content Is Just Not Enough

Providing Quality Value Is Not Enough! 

All the blogging gurus say that you need to be publishing quality content as often as possible on your blog, but let me just interrupt you (and them) right here:

Writing great content is just not enough.

With 152 million blogs online and one blog post published every half a second, do you really think you’re going to make any sort of impact here?

Get real.

It might have worked 4/5/6 years ago, but I have to say that myth has been busted.

How Can You Bring Value With Blogging Then? 

You go deeper, you commit yourself further and you go the extra mile. You need to go where people (i.e your competition) are under-performing and crush it there!

Here is what I mean by that:

There is a lot of content.

Chances are that what you’re trying to say have been said before by blogs that have much more seasoned writers and bigger budgets than you.

You simply cannot compete with blogs that have whole teams of editors and massive budghets at their disposal.

My competition is ProBlogger here. Yes, I am going for the big dog in this.

ProBlogger It is run by a super talented blogger that has built numerous successful blogs, he’s a published author and he has a whole team on his payroll working to make ProBlogger the best blog on blogging there is.

Obviously I cannot compete (yet) with such power and experience.

Here Is Where I Can Compete…

Whether it’s ProBlogger or some other giant in your industry, believe it or not; we small-to-medium bloggers are in the best position to win. Here’s how:

Bring as much value as you can, outside of your content.

Although I try my best to bring value through my blog posts, I know that these few words aren’t going to be enough to challenge a blog like ProBlogger.

Instead, I go the extra mile. I offer 24/7 support for free! This is my competitive edge !

As some of you reading may already know, I’m always a tweet, comment or an email away.

Unless I’m asleep;

What I’m trying to say is, I’m everywhere you need me. If you need to reach out, I make myself very easy to reach on multiple platforms.

This is How I Bring Value!

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk himself, I’m not being nice just for the sake of being nice. “I’m not Mother Theresa.”

I’m here to build a business and I know that in order for you to trust me with my recommendations and my advice, I need to first show you that I have your best interest in mind. I need to bring value and this is how do it.

Unfortunately, authority sites like ProBlogger don’t have this opportunity. They receive so many messages a day that they simply cannot answer every question that comes in. Most don’t even bother to reply at all.

They need to hire a whole other team to answer all the emails they get (not to mention the tweets, comments, etc…).

I have reached out to ProBlogger before but never got a reply. Same with CopyBlogger, John Chow and Seth Godin to name a few. The only place I can get a question answered is on Wealthy Affiliate, that is why I’m such a big fan of that platform.

BTW, I’m in no way attacking the other blogs. I am mentioning them because these are blogs I read daily as I feel they provide quality material for me to read.

If It’s So Easy, Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It?

Because it is not so easy, being online 15 hours a day answering questions is not fun. It’s not “the Dot Com Lifestyle” most of us aspire to.

Personally, it brings me a certain satisfaction to know I’m helping people get started online, but I have to admit; it’s not easy at all.

I just happen to believe that if you help people and you actually care, people will take notice and people will come to trust you and your words.

I know that if when my blog continues to grow, there is going to be a time where I can not answer every email and comment I get. And I am worried about this, because this means that a young, hungry blogger is going to have the time and he’s going to become my main competition.

Are You Giving Somebody A Run For Their Money? 

I hope this article has shown you that just writing great content is simply not enough.

What are you planning to do to make your blog stand out and attract visitors?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your stay on my blog. Feel free to contact me if you need any support and subscribe to my email list so we can keep in touch.

Writing Great Content Is Just Not Enough - This Is What I'm Doing

6 thoughts on “Writing Great Content Is Just Not Enough (This Is What I’m Doing Instead)”

  1. Hey,
    I didn’t know you are always ready to answer a question. Ha, wait for my questions !
    On the other hand, at WA I asked somebody (an experimented one) a question on PM, but he didn’t answer me. That was probably a month ago. I actually forgot my question!
    So, it’s a good thing you told us you are available.
    No, really, I’m kidding.
    But sometimes I do get stuck… 🙁

    • That’s too bad you didn’t get a reply. Are you sure the user is still active? It’s very uncommon that you don’t get a helpful answer in Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, I’m always available so feel free to ask away. 🙂 It’s my pleasure to help! Here is all my contact details and I’m also available on Skype at Chris.Lee.Vella (use the dots).

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.


  2. That is right Chris! I’ve always thought quality content is not enough and have been looking for other tools to gain visibility. I like how you offer your assistance 24/7 and it gave me the idea to offer it as well in my blog and Instagram! I was already doing it but it was not official, if you know what I mean. I have to make it now visible and explicit for everyone 🙂
    Thanks again for this great content!

    • Hey Andrea! Yes make your assistance one of the key reasons why a user will come to your blog. Everybody has content, but not everybody has the time / effort / patience / willing to offer genuine help and assistance.

      BTW I still didn’t do those burgers yet haha! I will instagram a picture to you when I do 🙂

      Thanks Andrea !

  3. Interesting thoughts here Chris, and something I haven’t necessarily thought of. I really like your quote; “With 152 million blogs online and one blog post published every half a second, do you really think you’re going to make any sort of impact here?”.

    If that doesn’t make you rethink things, I’m not sure what will.

    • Hi there Craig, welcome to my site. 🙂

      Yes that is true. There is just too much of everything online. Too much content and too much blogs. Content is not the way to stand out any more.

      Great content will get you noticed but it won’t give you the extra advantage over the competition.

      Thanks for the comment Craig. Best of luck with your blog. I like your SEO tips.

      Drop by anytime. 🙂


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