The 11 Principles Of Blogging Success (How To Succeed With Blogging)

I am just about finishing this fantastic book called “The Principles Of Success” and I must say it has been a real eye opener for me.

In today’s post, I take a look at the lessons I’ve learned in this book, and apply them to blogging.

Thus; here are the principles of blogging success and how to succeed with blogging.

I decided to take some of the principles mentioned in the book and flip them to make them relate to the whole “blogging business” world and what we’re trying to achieve here.

I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did.

The 11 Principles Of Blogging Success (How To Succeed With Blogging)

Take 100% Responsibility

This is kind of a hard one to accept but you must take full responsibility for all that happens to your business.

If you’re not getting rankings; it’s not Google’s fault, it’s yours. If you’re not selling anything it’s not your customer’s fault, it’s yours, if you’re not seeing the benefits of social media, guess what? It’s your fault.

The reason behind this logic is to understand that you have the ability to make it or break it. People do get rankings, people do have customers that buy, people do get traffic from social media.

So the “event” is not the problem; you are.

This is on your shoulders. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can go about and achieve your goals.

Set An End Goal

I know that profit is important (and it should be) but you need to have a “higher purpose” for your business. Apple sells computers and iPhones but their higher purpose is to “challenge the status quo“.

With this blog, I’d love to help people get started in blogging and in monetising their blogs. I want people to tell me that I helped create a new, better life for them by opening their eyes to the world of online marketing.

I also want to be able to provide 1,000 meals each and every year to a great organization I love called “Share The Meal” by the UN.

Think about what you want your business to stand for and work tirelessly towards that.

Unleash The Power Of Goal Setting

Set small and large goals for your business and work towards achieving them every day. An example of some goals when starting out is:

  • I want to get 100 readers in a day!
  • I want to make my first $100.

If you work hard and focus on your business, eventually you will start crossing off the small goals and move on to bigger goals like such:

  • I want to make $1,000 in one day.
  • I want to have 10,000 email subscribers.

These goal are all very possible because people have done them before and nothing is stopping you to achieve the same results (just remember to take responsibility for all that happens)!

Focus On Your End Goal

Combining these last two points together, you need to focus on your end goal (higher purpose) and set daily/weekly/yearly goals to achieve it.

If my goal is to help people make money from blogging, I need to put in consistent effort to help people do just that.

If I want to provide a 1000 meals every year, I need to make sure that I stay on top of my business, provide the best value that I can and make sure my business is profitable.

Take Action- Work Hard

This is my favourite principle because I love hard work.

Why? Well because I’m not the smartest but I put in consistent effort and history has shown us that hard work beats talent every day!

Also people are afraid to roll their sleeves and get to work so that leaves me with less competition! 😉

Decide if this is worth fighting for and if so; get to work and be willing to pay the price!

Be Willing To Pay The Price

Starting a business takes time. You need to put in the hours into it to make it happen.

Now are you ready to pay the price of sleeping an hour less? Are you willing to pay the price of not watching TV to work on your business? Are you willing to go for months without seeing a cent?

If you are then great; you have the right mindset. If you’re not; maybe you should reconsider starting an online business.

For some inspiration, I’d like to you read a post I published some time ago called “Proof Success Takes Time

Always Ask For Help

We function better when we’re working as a community. Millions of years ago we figured out that nature wants us to do things together and help each other out and to this day that is still true!

We function better as a community.

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Most people love to help other people out.

I’m part of a community that teaches people how to start their own business and a few days ago I asked a member there, who happens to be a school teacher, to take a look at my writing and point out the grammar / spelling mistakes I might have and she did and I have fixed the mistakes she pointed out!

(Thanks for that Jackie, you’re the best!)

Reject Rejection

Never take no for an answer. Especially in business! No doesn’t mean anything, it just means “not now“.

Keep working at it, keep pushing and keep grinding and just as long as you know your end goal, you’ll get there.

Appreciate All Feedback

Feedback is important because it can help put us on the right trail to success. If you get rejected, ask yourself “Why did that happen?”.

If Google is “rejecting” your blog in its SERPS, maybe it’s because you’re not adding keywords, maybe you’re not publishing unique content, maybe your site brings no value.

Take the feedback and run with it. Flip it and then ask again and again. Rinse and repeat till you get there!

Celebrate Your Success

From the very first visitor to your site, to your first post, to your first sale and to your first $1,000 day. These are all successes you should be celebrating!

If you don’t set goals and celebrate them as you achieve them you’ll start to feel discouraged and you stop seeing the beauty of what you’re trying to do and why you decided to do it.

One of the personal benefits of blogging that I see is that you can create an income doing what you love but if you’re not enjoying it then what’s the point?

Work hard, play hard. For every goal you score off, make sure you celebrate accordingly!

Commit Yourself to Improving

Always challenge yourself to do more and be more.

I don’t mean you should never be satisfied, but always make sure that you have something to strive for; something to look forward to when you wake up.

Always make it a point to learn more. Perfect your skills more and more everyday and make it a point to learn how to have success with blogging, no matter what!

Read blogs about your topic, research ideas and theories, invest your time and money in getting the right skills to running an online business.

Never stop improving yourself and your business!

So what did you think of these golden principles of (blogging) success?

I shared with you my favourite 11 but you can find more than that (and they obviously go more in detail) in the book: “The Principles Of Success” by Jack Canfield.

I hope you found today’s post insightful and you enjoyed your time here. Be sure to be back soon! 😉


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  1. To be success, one must ready to accept his weakness and mistakes and learn how to improve it. Ok..I am not fit to give advice or define success. Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to help others.
    I also take this time to inform you that I just started a new blog (1.5 months old) and request you to kindly go through the same and give me your valuable feedback.
    Thank you Chris… Best Wishes.


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