What Is The Best Way To Write An Article? (6 Tips To Write Great Blog Content)

If you want to be successful at blogging, then you are going to have to understand how to write GREAT content, after all; that’s what pro-bloggers do so well!

Average content is ok too, but it will get you average results.

There’s a lot of noise and competition out there. Some of your competition may even be bigger, already established websites with huge marketing budgets and also expert hired guns (i.e writers).

So does that mean you should give up and never attempt to write (or blog) ever again?

No! Of course not! You just have to learn how to write the best article you can write while keeping it fun for you and engaging for your readers.

  • Is it easy? No!
  • Is it possible? Yes
  • Will you be able to great article starting today ? No yet, but let me explain.

I am in the process of doing a site content audit right now which means that I am going through my old posts, starting from the first one (and moving on to the next) and editing the content to make it feel fresher.

One thing that is scary, is how awful my writing was just a few years ago. I would show you one of them as proof but I’m too embarrassed!

The point of this story is this:

No matter how many tips you read (although you will learn a thing or two) you will only get better by writing more and more each and every day.

It’s amazing how much you can improve on something if you just do it everyday.

To be honest, I am totally looking for the day I start my content audit yet again in 2019 and see how my writing is horrible today.

That would tell me that the many hours I spend writing (and learning about writing) is working and I am getting better.

So yes, experience and practice is key here, that’s why I want to start the list off with this one today.

JJJRH quote

Write Every Single Day

This is a key to learn how to write great content for your blog.

Before I go into what is the best way to write an article, I want to make sure that you really get this and get ready to do the work necessary for you to see real improvements.

So does this mean that you should really write every single day?

Yes it does.

Pick a daily limit and do that everyday, no excuses. No sickness, no hangovers and no “I don’t have time today”. You have to do it.

My daily limit is 1,000 words a day but that’s because I have multiple blogs and I’m also writing a new ebook (see my previous one here).

If that seems like a lot to you, trust me it isn’t. I can write 1,000 words in an hour but you do not have to write a thousand words.

Find your daily limit and do that. It could be 100, 200, 500 or even 2000 words. See what works best for you and do that.

You will also notice that the more you practice your writing, the more quicker you’ll be able to type in your words.

I remember trying to write a 400 word article and getting stuck not knowing what to say next after the first sentence. Nowadays I sometimes do 500 words just on the introduction.

Now that we’ve got that straight, and I hope you know how important this is because this is, Let’s look at the:

6 Tips To Write Great Blog Content!

What Is The Best Way To Write An Article

Know Your Topic

If you want to start blogging or even start writing, you need to know what you will be writing about.

I chose to “blog about blogging” because blogging is what I do all day.

  • I read blogs.
  • I write blogs.
  • I think about blogging.
  • I use blogs to make money.
  • I use blogs to learn.
  • I use blogs to keep in touch with people.

This is what I am and what I do and it’s safe to say that after 5 years of doing all the tasks above, I have an understanding of how blogging works more than the average person.

Yes; you need to know about the subject you will write an article about more than the average person out there.

Remember we are in the business of information and we need to solve people’s problem here.

You should never come to me for “medical advice” or “working out tips” because I do not know these subjects, you should go to a medical or fitness blog that knows more than me and you.

You get my point?

Know Your Audience

Another great way to write an article is to talk “the same language” of your readers, and no; I don’t mean “English”.

You need to know how to speak the “language” that they understand.

I won’t go into how to write a great article by telling you about all the “PHP coding” you need to do in a CMS to make your post goes live.

That is not my reader and those weird words I just used were to prove my point.

My reader is probably like you; a person interested in simply starting a blog without too many headaches.

Believe me, if I was writing for a “lawyer’s advice” blog, I would not use the same words and flow I am doing right now.

You have to realize who your audience is and speak their language.

Write From The Hip

I was going to skip this bit as I’ve touched on it in the last tip but this is important to mention as well.

When you are writing an article, it’s best to keep the words flowing as though you are speaking directly to your reader in a real life conversation.

An article written in such a manner will be much easier to comprehend by the reader and it will generally perform much better.

Have you ever read the “Terms Of Use” or “Privacy Policy” page of a website? Of course not!

They are not written for the reader (even though they are) if you catch my drift here.

A post that is comfortable to read has a coversational tone to it and it’s super easy to read through it.

  • You do not have to Google any words to know what I am saying,
  • You do not have to sit there and understand my “poetry”,
  • You do not have to make an effort to understand this.

This is what a great article needs to be to get your message across from inside your head to the other’s person’s (the reader) head.

Don’t Stress It Too Much

Most often people tell me that they do not even know where to begin.

I get that and I understand that because I also had that problem once upon a time. My best tip here is to not stress it too much. You’re not writing for the New York Times; chill out dude. It’s not that serious.

Just do your best, follow these tips I’m giving you here and go for it. That’s it! I promise you you have nothing to worry about.

For more information about this, check my other post about the topic:

How To Overcome The Fear Of Writing Your First Blog Post”.

There should be some tips in there to help you overcome the anxiety of writing a simple article.

Have A Structure That You Follow

If you want to write great articles and great blog posts, then you need to understand the “structure” of one properly.

Usually I would tell you to go totally “middle school like” and take on this structure:

  • Introduction
  • Main point #1
  • Main point #2
  • Conclusion

(You can go for as many “main points” as you wish.)

While that is true and yes you should follow that structure, if you want to have a huge impact on your readers here is another, reframed structure you can follow:

  • Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Tell them.
  • Tell them what you’ve told them.

I have been using this “formula” lately and the amazing flow and quality of the articles I’m writing now is much better. It now feels like I “understood” some ancient writer’s secret that I had not yet discovered!

I totally urge you to try this as you will see a huge improvement as well!

Make It Visually Pleasing

One last tip I want to give is to make your article visually pleasing.

A 1000 word paragraph with pink text on a black background and no breaks or images is never going to get read.

I can guarantee you that from the bottom of my soul.

Do not go to crazy with colors, keep it simple and always break your paragraphs into 2-3 sentences each! Make it easy for the reader to actually enjoy your content.

I’ve also seen blog posts with the whole content in bold! That is horrible, sorry to tell you!

Closing Words & Parting Advice

Now that you know some tricks on the best way to write an article, are you going to follow it?

Are you willing to take the time to practice everyday and do all the things I suggested?

If so, I give you permission to leave me a link in the comment section below so I can check out your posts. I would be more than happy to see what you’ve come up with.

Thank you very much for reading.

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I hope you have a great day wherever you are, till next time.

What Is The Best Way To Write An Article? (6 Tips To Write Great Blog Content)

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