How To Write Better Blog Posts: 7 Ways To Improve Your Blogging Instantly

Blogging is a proven way to increase the visibility, sales and profitability of your site and as such almost all noteworthy businesses online and offline have added blogs to their websites.

Unlike other means of communications, a blog is an excellent way to build rapport with your prospective and current customers and allows for a 2-way communication in which readers also participate by leaving comments.

A well-written blog post can have a significant impact on your business and many businesses have attracted the attention of mainstream media and millions via a single post shared across the internet.

As such, improving your blogging must be at the top of your priorities if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing or e-commerce.

Data collected over years has shown that blogs have changed the fortune of many businesses and a well-managed blog can make all the difference in the bottom line of a company.

Here are some tips which you must follow to improve your blogging skills.

7 Ways To Write Better Blog Posts

How To Write Better Blog Posts

Write Better Headlines

Copywriters have for a long time emphasised on the importance of headlines. It’s estimated that around 80-90% of people don’t read an article if they are not motivated to do so by an attractive headline.

David Ogilvy, one of the most successful and famous copywriters of the 20th century has written in his book Confessions of an Advertising Man:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar”.

A well-written headline can make all the difference in the success or failure of your blog and as such you must make sure that you don’t rush when writing headlines. Most bloggers make the mistake of spending as little time as possible on headlines and try to focus more on the main article body.

This approach is doomed to fail as even modern computer based eye tracking studies have proved again and again that headlines matter the most in a blog.

Offer Solutions To Problems

Successful bloggers have known the secret of building bonds with their readers by offering solutions to the problems which users in your niche may have.

Many SEO blogs for example offer tips on how to build better backlinks, how to avoid Google penalty or how to recover from a google penalty. As is clear from these titles, these blogs are written with a clear aim to solve problems often encountered by readers.

Adopt a Utility Based Approach

Before writing a single word, ask yourself how your blog is going to help a reader. In addition to providing solutions to reader’s problems you can also give them suggestions, tips of helpful advice which may be of use to them.

It’s important that throughout the course of your blogging journey, you adopt a “utility based approach” offering solutions, tips and advice to your readers.

Engage With Your Readers

Blogging is different from other forms of media as it is essentially a two-way medium of exchange of ideas. As such, it’s essential that you use your blog for engaging with your readers on a deeper level.

A blog provides numerous ways for engaging with audience such as comments, backlinks to other blogs, email etc. You can also ask your audience about what they’d like to be the title of your next blog post or what sort of voice they want you to adopt.

Numerous bloggers have used their blogs as communication hubs and have achieved success in their endeavours.

Expand The Scope Of Conversation

This point is directly tied with the above-mentioned tips as to improve your blogging you must be ready to expand the scope of conversation.

Few blogs remain focused on their initial topics as during blogging bloggers discover that readers need something else and not what the blogger had in mind. At this point a right or wrong decision will decide the fate of your blog.

Failure to adapt to demands/needs of readers can spell doom for you blog. Like anything else we do in life, blogging also requires a little bit of adaptation as the old saying goes;

“Few plans survive an encounter with real life”.

What you planned for your blog doesn’t matters as after a few conversations with readers you’ll discover the disconnect between your plans and expectations of your readers.

Thus, it’s important that at this stage that you must look at expanding the scope of conversation and give the audience what they really want.

Make It Easy To Share Your Content

Your content will do no good to you if only a few readers read it. So, to increase readers, it’s essential to use social media and directly ask readers to share your blog posts with their social media friends.

Many bloggers make the mistake that a reader can’t easily locate social media sharing buttons and as such you must make sure that social media share buttons are displayed prominently on your blog.

With hundreds of social media sharing plugins available now, finding the right one for your blog is not going to be an issue.

You must also consider the design aspects as a social media sharing button must not negatively impact aesthetics of your blog as bad design is a big turn off for most website/blog visitors.

Use Your Blog As Your Central Marketing Hub

A blog is a strong marketing tool, but if you want to get the most benefit from your blog, then it’s essential to make it a central aspect of your online marketing machine.

Successful bloggers use their blog as their main lead generating and promotion tool and as such it’s necessary to build your whole marketing machine with the blog acting as a sort of core or central hub.

You can use the whitespace around your blog posts for adding various widgets, calls to actions, email newsletter sign up forms, eBook download forms etc. and ensure that even a short visit to your blog will leave a lasting impact on the reader.

Most email and lead generation platforms can be easily integrated with common blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, SiteRubix etc. and as such a blog has become the most widely used marketing and lead generation tool in the arsenal of a modern marketer.

Final Thoughts

In the above list, we have tried to identify the most common ways to improve quality of a blog, but nonetheless this list is not exclusive as there are hundreds of other equally important things which can make a significant impact on the quality of your blogging.

Thank you very much for reading this post. We hope these few actionable tips we just gave you are enough for you to know how to write better blog posts.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know down in the comment section below and I’d also like to invite you try my #1 rated online marketing training course where you will learn how to build your own blog business.

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Looking forward to seeing you WIN! 

Talk soon!

Chris Lee

How To Write Better Blog Posts

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  1. Hey, Chris!
    Great article. These tips are very useful and I will take them in mind when I write my next blog. Many people forget to engage with there readers and start to think only about money. Blogging is fun and I enjoy it so I guess I am heading in the right direction.

  2. Hello Chris,
    I found your article very useful with great tips.Creating helpful and engaging content is a priority but like you said you really need to follow your readers needs and they want to read. That part is really very crucial for the success of any blog but i hadn’t really realized that your readers expectations can change that much over time. You certainly gave me something to think about.

  3. Hi there! I have just finished reading your tips on writing better blog posts and I just had to drop you a quick comment to say thanks!

    You offer some really great advice here and I am really grateful for it. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and although I feel that you naturally develop your own voice as a blogger, its also good to keep some of the points in mind that you have mentioned here.

    One of the most important lessons that I have picked up along the way is that you should always adapt to your readers needs. This is not only giving them what they want to see on your blog, but it also gives you another direction to go in. The more directions you have, the more content you can create and the happier everyone is. This of course is also great news from the search engines point of view too.

    Thank you for these great tips, you have reminded me of a few things here. By the way, the picture of the office at the bottom of the page looks great. Is that your office set up?

    • HAHA No unfortunately not; althoguh I am in the pricess of buildign a kick ass home office lol.Glad you found this post useful Andrew.

      I appreacite your time and thoughts very much.

      Thanking you.

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