Can YOU Make Money Blogging?

This question has been answered a million times and in case you still don’t know the answer let me be the first to tell you: yes you can make money blogging.

A lot of it too… top bloggers are raking it in!

It’s a proven fact that blogging can be turned into a part time or full-time income and beyond. If that wasn’t true, there wouldn’t be a billion blogs out there trying to teach you how you can make money blogging (like this one).

But today I want to put a spin on this question: I’m going to ask you directly, you the person reading this;

can you make money blogging?

There are some tools you need, some skills and a way of thinking that are critical to have if you want to earn an income blogging.

Following are what I think every new blogger needs before they even attempt to make money online.

Do You Have: A Step Up?

These are my favourite blogging tools once you start a blog, but before that, you need your other tools.

You need a computer for starters and an internet connection.

You might be saying:

“Well of course I have a computer and an internet connection, otherwise how would I be reading this?”

Well my Analytics shows me that there’s a 67% chance that you are reading this on a mobile device.

While the fact that mobile traffic is increasing every year and “blogging apps” are being constantly developed, you would still need a home based computer to start a proper blogging business.

I know this may have been silly to mention but I am seeing a huge trend of people not having a home computer (or a laptop). Most of my friends have actually gone 100% mobile and I am sure the trend will continue to grow.

While services (such as WordPress) do have a mobile app, it is never ideal to blog only on your phone or tablet.

You can definitely write your content there (I do sometimes) but for most other tasks, you would need a home based “main computer”.


Time. Time is imporant if you want to build a profitable blog. And I’m not talking about “givign it time to take off”, that’s another thing that I will talk about further down.

I mean time right now.. like in a day.

Do you have time to blog? Can you spare a minimum of 2 hours dedicated to building a business? Every. Single. Day?

Why do you need at least 2 hours a day to run a successful blog?

Well writing blog posts is what you will be doing for most of that time but you also have to spend time learning, running social media campaigns, answering comments and emails, designing graphics, etc..

Now I know most people have a full time job and a family to cope with but you need to get that 2 hours from somewhere. It’s super important, especially in the beginning.

If you’re absolutely booked up, then consider sleeping less. Yes I said it… It just comes down to how much you want to make this work.


Now is the part where we discuss patience. Your blog isn’t going to make money for quite a bit of time.

You’re going to be working every single day on your blog and you are not going to see profit anytime soon.

If you’re here to make money blogging, then this is something you have to accept and understand: it takes time to build a real business, even if it’s online.

Hobbies Or Something You Know Really Well?

To start making money blogging, you need to have be knowledgable about a certain subject.

This doesn’t mean you should be a world renowned expert but it must be something that you know about more than the average person does.

Alternatively, you can take a beginner friendly topic and write on your experiences learning a new subject or hobby.

My life nowadays is just focused on building sites and blogs that makes money.

I’m not a world expert but it’s what I know and what I am constantly learning about. Hence why I have “a blog on blogging”.

Also its a good idea to pick something you enjoy.

You may be an expert at making coffee but it won’t necessarily be fun for you to blog about coffee every day.

Do you get my point here?

Find out how to pick the right niche for you.

A Do-or-Die Mentality?

I belive business is a do-or-die thing meaning you either do what you have to do or you’re not going to last.

Quitting and shying away from work is what stops most people from becoming successful, I don’t want to get too “motivational-like” here but I believe it because it was a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

When I was first starting out online, I built so many blogs in so many niches that I literally can’t even remember them all.

All I did was invest in some BS product (thinking it is going to do the work for me), start “fresh” on a new project but then quickly abandon it when I realize that this program is not making me rich as was suggested.

Things only started gettign better when I realized that I need to “stick with it” and stop believeing the hype that a “2 click system” is going to make me rich.

As soon I enrolled in my next training program, which thankfully turned out to be the best training I have ever received, I started a blog and I still have it online today making me money.

This is the results you get when you decide to adopt the “do-or-die” mentality.

Will you be successful in your first project? Probably not.

Is it ok to start fresh again later? It sure is…

But make sure that you get yourself some proper training and decide in your mind that you will not leave this project without turning a profit.

Again, I apologize if this is too “motivational-y” but I promise you once you make up your mind to be successful, you will be.

Money To Invest?

Yes blogging is free and yes you can get started with as little as $10 for a domain name and about $12 p/month in hosting (you can even get started without spending a dime),


It sure is nice to have some money that you can use to invest in your business in the beginning.

There are tools, such as these in my list of top blogging resources, that will make your life easier as a blogger and will help you reach success faster without too much headaches.

While these tools are not necessary, they sure do help and I can’t imagine me having to work without them nowadays.

I surely can’t run my business without tools such as Canva, Wealthy Affiliate, Aweber or my favourite Buffer.

If you can’t afford these at the beginning of your business, then you can do without them but I would strongly advise you to invest in some of these tools once you make (or save up) some extra cash to invest in your new business.

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Most people think that making money from your blog is hard.. but it’s not. What’s hard is the work you have to do to get your blog popular enough for it to make money.

If I have to explain for you the whole process of monetising your (new) blog, this post will turn into a 20,000 word eBook. However I have written in the past and if you would like to learn how to make money, please visit some of the articles listed below:

I suggest you read those articles so you can start learning and understanding the process of making money online.

So… Do YOU Have What It Takes To Make Money Blogging?

I know you would like to start making money with your blog, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.

But do you have what it takes?

Are you hardworking and patient enough to invest 6-12 months of hard work so you can then live your life as you please without having to do a “regular job”?

A lot of people want to create passive income and have freedom in their life but only a very few people manage to make it happen.

From my own experience and from watching others succeed (and fail), I have realised that everybody fails… it’s the ones that try again and again that finally manage to achieve what they set out to do.

I love blogging, and I have created this blog to help others that love to blog to make money from their hobby.

I would love to help you get started and I am here to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me anytime you wish.

Thanks you for reading and I hope I served as an inspiration for you today. Now is the perfect time to use that motivation and turn it into action.

If you’re serious about this, then I invite you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, where I will be your personal mentor and make sure you start this blogging business right.

Yes, YOU can make money blogging and I’m going to make sure you do it.

Can YOU Make Money Blogging?

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