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The Joys Of Starting A New Challenge

First off, I’d like to apologise for not publishing a post yesterday. I’ve been trying to keep a strict posting schedule of once every two days but as you may know; I’m on holiday right now and my time is very limited, still; no excuse. Actually to be totally honest; I did have time to […]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

Unless you’re a first-time reader of my blog, (in that case welcome), I am sure you’ve heard me mention an online program called “Wealthy Affiliate” before. Well, today I’d like to share with you 8 reasons why you should join me on WA to start building your blogging business. If you’re really looking for a way to earn an […]

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Why You Should Start A Blog With WordPress

Have you ever heard of WordPress? Hopefully, you have since you’re obviously interested in starting a blog, and let me tell you; WordPress is by far the best thing to use for blogging. Today we’re discussing “WordPress” and more importantly; why you should start a blog with WordPress. To me, WordPress is one of the easiest […]

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