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7 Must-Have Social Media Apps for Bloggers

Worldwide, 95.5% of bloggers promote their posts via social media, with Facebook being the most popular having 1,871 million users. Add Twitter (317 million) and Instagram (600 million) to that and the case for social is won. Any blogger worth his salt will not ignore what social media can do for his blog and will […]

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10 Tools to Create Beautiful Blog Posts

blog design tools

For most people, the sense of sight supersedes all the others. When you hear information, the chances are that you’ll only remember only 10% of it three days later. However, when you hear AND see related visuals, you’re likely to remember 65%. A Nielsen study reports that users usually leave a web page within 10-20 seconds because […]

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7 Instant Creativity Boosters For “Stuck” Bloggers

instant creativity boosters

The “C word” is arguably the most over-used in the blogging/writing industry, and given that our craft is anchored on producing ideas and transforming them into the written word, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Just how crucial creativity is to a blogger’s success cannot be emphasized enough, and when the other word – the “P […]

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