How To Get Paid For Blogging As A Freelancer

The internet is made up of content and that same content generates around $200 billion in revenue each year. I guess it is safe to say that producing content can be very lucrative. With that type of money being spent online, companies and businesses are trying to create their presence online and one of the best ways … Read more

Writing Great Content Is Just Not Enough (This Is What I’m Doing Instead)

I really think most people fail to realise one thing when they start blogging and it’s a fundamental mistake that if not properly addressed; will ruin any chance you have of making money with your blog. Most people think that providing quality content is the best way to build an audience, get traffic and hopefully … Read more

Money From Blogging (What You Need To Know)

I know you know it’s possible! My guess would be that that since you’re here reading my blog; You want to know how so many other people have managed to earn money from blogging, (and how to do it yourself). Right? Maybe you’ve already tried it yourself but failed. It could be; I’ve failed multiple times … Read more