10 Tools to Create Beautiful Blog Posts

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For most people, the sense of sight supersedes all the others. When you hear information, the chances are that you’ll only remember only 10% of it three days later. However, when you hear AND see related visuals, you’re likely to remember 65%. A Nielsen study reports that users usually leave a web page within 10-20 seconds because … Read more

How to Generate Winning Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing is the hot thing these days, with freelance writers and bloggers breaking into the scene every chance they get. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. It’s competitive. It’s rewarding. Rewarding it may be, however, we cannot deny the challenges that face content marketers – a major one is having a constant stream of ideas. Without … Read more

How To Create Infographics From Scratch & Why You Need Them

Infographics have reached their peak of popularity years ago, and people are sick of them these days. NOT! You may have heard about this sentiment – or something along these lines – but time and again, studies have proven that visuals play a key role in getting messages across: 90% of information sent to the … Read more

How To Optimize Your Workflow With These Time Management Techniques

Bloggers and content marketers often find themselves swamped with work on a daily basis. If you thought that ditching your day job and working as a freelancer meant that you were going to work fewer hours, you couldn’t have been more wrong. That is, if you don’t manage your time expertly. Time management is essential … Read more

How to Generate Backlinks to Your Blog: Backlinking for Beginners

Incoming links to your site, or as usually called; “backlinks”, are inherent to your blog’s success. These links are necessary because they improve organic ranking (that is, search engines will rank your blog higher) and they provide referral traffic (traffic that comes from the sites that link to you). This kind of traffic is good for your … Read more